White People Afraid of Becoming Minorities in 2045

Dear White People,

I have some news for you, and I bet that it is something that you most definitely cannot wait to hear! 2045 is the year that the white people of America will become the minorities of our wonderful country. Let’s break it down: there are 29 years until 2045, the same distance away as 1987. Now, what could possibly happen to our people in the span of 29 years? I would like you to know that it will come quickly, since it was so quick for minorities to earn their rights, right? You wouldn’t want to hear people calling you “cracker,” but be forced to take it as a joke, right? Or having a racial slur said against you, but having them say, “Oh no, don’t worry, my ‘best friend’ is white, so I am basically allowed to say this,” right? Do us both a favor, while you are still privileged, how about make some changes so that you will no longer have to be afraid anymore? Let’s be honest though, my question is, why are white people afraid of becoming minorities? Are minorities in America treated poorly or something?


A concerned person of color 🙂

White People Afraid of Becoming Minorities in 2045

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