“Oh Of Course You Can Touch My Hair; Fourth Annual Curl Exhibit”


OAKLAND, CA— Here in this exotic city filled with numerous creatures, for this time around Curl Exhibit is hosting it’s fourth annual showcase right here in the heart of Oakland. These exhibits are extraordinary showcasing animals extremely soft fur ranging from all different colors, shapes, sizes and textures. These tamed animals are put on pedestals displaying their touchable fur to the public. Each year around we have numerous gatherers pulling out their phones, cameras, and microscopes all to see what they have paid for. The people in the exhibit are extremely friendly and absolutely love when their fur is touched, inspected, and felt. Bob, one of Curl Exhibits most exotic individual says, “Oh of course you can touch my hair!” “I love it so much” smiling happily as his hair is touched and looked upon.  Sally Benson says, “I’ve never seen such a thing! I’m so fascinated that I secretly snip a piece of hair to keep with me forever AND EVER.” Each year this Curl Exhibit really teaches that touching people’s hair, is by far not weird, or undesired by the individuals. So if you want to see this 2 day Curl Exhibit go on, come on by on March 25, 2016 at 1257 Market Street to get your fingers truly caught into something great. 


“Oh Of Course You Can Touch My Hair; Fourth Annual Curl Exhibit”

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