I love it when parents tell us kids to not have attitude when in reality they are always respectful of us. I have never thought for one second that my parents have given me attitude, they are just so perfect! Even when they are so stressed out from work and the world around them they have always been very respectful and talked to me with joy in their voices and love in their hearts. One day when my mom came home from work she was not in the best mood. I on the other hand was in a great mood. When she walked  in the door I greeted her, she then says to me, “What the hell is wrong with you?” Can you hear the love in her voice? She is always so concerned about her daughter. Another example is when I asked my dad a question and he does not hear me so I decided to ask again. Then he says to me “What Natalie? What do you want?” Like wow, isn’t my dad so attentive and loving! I just love how my parents are so concerned about me and are always attentive to what I’m saying!


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