Year 2024

               It is currently the year of 2024 and it has been two years since all of the earth’s natural resources of water have been completely used. As some might recall during the years 2015 through 2022, the United States needed to come up with a reasonable plan for humans to survive longer, without needing to rely on a resource that is bound to run out. There is one resource that everyone has within themselves which makes no one dependent on others—urine. Urine is a liquid in the body that can be efficient and useful in many ways that a lot of people are unaware of. With the drought rapidly advancing all over the U.S., researchers from all over conducted their findings and then notified the government. After many conferences and little time to find a long term solution that could be put into play, the government decided to go with the most reasonable idea they could—urine. This was the beginning of the Save The Humans campaign.

               The 7 years of the drought, the government knew there needed to be a plan. When researchers gave the government the run down of their plan to replace water with urine, they knew they needed to convince the people why urine would be fine to drink. Drinking urine when water is not available is a matter of survival. Urine is composed of water that has been filtered through the body as part of the body’s ongoing process of flushing out waste products. Although most people were fine with drinking urine, some prefered to suffer the ultimate consequences of dehydration.

              The government had came up with the Save The Humans campaign. It was a strategy  to preserve everyone’s urine after drinking all of the water that was left of the earth. Urine was collected, evaluated, and donated from people all over the U.S. After the urine has been donated, it is the worker’s job to filter the urine with a filtration system. Next it is put in recyclable containers, branded and categorized by all sorts of different factors. There are different brands of urine such as, organic, vegan, toxicated, light, medium, and more. Some brands such as Organic Power are more expensive because they are healthier, while others are significantly cheaper. The government wanted to make urine sold commercially accessible for everyone no matter gender, race, age, and economic class. On the back of every recyclable container, there are quick facts that include calories, intake per day, etc. When people donate their urine, they get to be apart of a membership for that specific brand. Eventually points add up on their membership card, which can be converted into money to buy whatever they want. Many have observed how well the community has come together in our efforts to survive and live longer.

            Present year 2024, the Save The Humans campaign is more successful than ever! The people still keep in mind how just 9 years ago the drought had started out in California, spread across the country, and then the world. Life seemed as if it was almost a dream back then. Thanks to the people, this organization is worldwide and stronger than ever. Some still ask, “how come no one ever thought about this idea beforehand?”. Many people helped contribute to this campaign, even when it seemed ridiculous. Those who supported the movement at its roots are in some of the highest paying positions of the world today. Due to the fact a huge percent of people have died from dehydration, this campaign has fixed many issues in the world, such as poverty, overpopulation, and natural resource depletion. Regardless of the negative factors, many brands are worldwide and anyone, anywhere can travel as far as they want and still get their favorite type of urine! Thanks to the efforts of the Save The Humans campaign, thousands of people have survived.


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Year 2024

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