My Inner Bully

By: Donald Caring

Bullying you say? Yeah, I think I know something about that. I was once bullied when I was in middle school. At the time, I thought it was the worst time of my life. Thank God I realized later, that being bullied was a wake up call. Everyone should be a bully! When I was being bullied, I learned that the bullies are not there to hurt you; they are there to teach you about the positives of bullying.

It took me two years to realize that my bullies were there to teach me about how bullying teaches kids how to feel better about themselves, make life fun making them want to live longer, and even help them become bullies teaching others about the positives. Since my days of being bullied, I’ve actually now become a bully. Each time I punch a kid or sometimes kick or spit on him, I tell him that each time I hurt him is so he can realize that it’s making him a better person. I tell him that each bruise is a reminder to always stop bothering me and stay out of my way. Telling him or her, will make sure he won’t get in my way again so I won’t have to hurt him. Each time a bully softly, gently hurts some kid, he or she tells them why they hurt them and why to avoid them.

Hurting another person, in the form of constant physical bullying, can really help that person mentally. Each time they see a bully, they will know not to bother them. That constant thought won’t bring fear, it’ll make that kid smarter which is what each boy and girl, in middle school, wants to be.

I have gotten letters from former victims describing how they should have listened to the bullies and how them being bullied was their fault. Some of them are now bullies! It great to hear more people are learning from them ignorant middle school self, and now are living the life/career of a bully. Kids, especially in middle school, need to know and realize them being bullied is their fault. They need to stop acting weird, looking ugly, and just being plain annoying. Those are all things that they can fix and should fix, otherwise bullying is the only answer that would make them a better person.

In most middle schools, bullying is seen as a big problem. They even have assemblies teaching how bullying is terrible and should be stopped; yeah I know, people are so clueless. These people are brainwashing kids saying bullying is bad. The schools should start doing the opposite. Young kids, almost ready to go into high school, should know the truth that bullying would benefit them and the person they bully. If there were no bullying, kids would have no reason to live. Bullying gives them a reason to want to live longer. If they strive to live a full life, they can have the opportunity to become a bully to spread the positivity through bruises and bloodstains. Each time a kid goes home crying or with blood on their white shirt, the parent’s smile knowing that their kid is learning something in school, how bullies really just want them to be happy and healthy.

When it’s all said and bruised, a punch to the face is like a building block to life. Everyone needs a wake up call whether it’s a failed test or getting shoved in locker. Speaking from experience, without my career in bullying with years of being bullied experience, my life would not be worth living. Bullying opened many doors for me, and then I slammed them on some kid teaching the valuable lesson to never get in my way again. I never thought I would end up in the career of bullying because no one supported me. I just want kids to know, especially those in middle school, that with a lot of blood sweat and tears, literally, bullying can be a real and promising future.

My Inner Bully

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