Racist Ragers’: The Thing of Today

We the Chi Omegas Sorority of Penn State University, are officially hosting our very own #Thuglife party. Now this, of course, is a themed get together; so boys bring the grills, saggy pants /basketball shorts and retro’s, of course, are an essential. While you ladies wear your shortest skimpiest dresses or apple bottoms, with afros on point, with a side of fake everything. Plus there’s no point in worrying about getting caught, parties like this one have been known of going around since 2001 so it’s not like anyone would care enough to call the cops. Also really no need in bringing your own refreshments, because all will be provided for you upon your arrival. As rap and r&b is put on blast throughout our house, there will be plenty of watermelons, KFC, and Kool-aid to go around. Also, If you think you might be the next Jay-Z make sure you can spit some bars like a real pimp when the mic comes out for the rap battle that will be crowd judged. All are welcome, but as just a precaution if you can’t handle what we’re about lay down then don’t show up. Although it’s highly unlikely anyone wouldn’t show up because hello, we are the Chi Omega’s.

This incredibly alluring invitation to one of the sorority parties held on campus’s today is only a fraction of how great some colleges are. When looking and applying to college, high schoolers should take notice of the one’s that exhibit the most racial prejudice within its community, with little to no diversity at all. School’s such as Penn State University, Arizona State, U.C. Irvine, Auburn University, along with a shocking amount of other’s happen to share this criterion. By applying to these schools and getting in, students will be able to experience the true realities of college. Such as the culture themed events that are held on and outside of campus, for example, the one previously addressed above. College freshmen will be able to attend parties in which they’ll be able to dress like their favorite; African-American, Hispanic, Asian or other minority groups. Also, there’s absolutely no problem with students talking like them or, at least trying to, because it’s only fitting to the person they’re trying to mimic to an absolute extent.

What’s also amazing about these parties is the food, because every dish that’s available is categorized exactly to that specific culture the event surrounds. Whether you’re eating watermelon with a side of fried chicken or chipotle and taco bell. Not only does the food represent each culture exactly, with absolutely no surrounding stereotypes but it’s delicious. Furthermore if college freshmen happen to come across someone who is of one of these minority groups; they need not be afraid to look in awe and ask to touch their hair as if they were standing in a petting zoo, if whether whom they’re speaking to crossed the Mexican border illegally with their enormous family, or ask why they are such horrendous drivers. As the small community of  liberal individuals will respond to their questions and or comments with such kindness and compassion.

When attending these parties, students must not forget to become the full stereotype, or else they’ll never fit into their new community. For example, painting your body brown, wearing a black tank top, and sagging your jeans; only demonstrates how much you appreciate black people, in no way shape or form should you ever think “Is this racist?”, because this can only be seen as the highest form of flattery. When entering college it’s important that freshmen never be themselves, because that will only result in disgust and rejection from the rest of they’re on campus peers. They must always be diligent in their attempt to follow the most popular sororities because it is really the only way of succeeding in life.


Racist Ragers’: The Thing of Today

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