The Common Knowledge of a True American

Dear “President” Obama,

I am livid. I have lived in this country all my life, to only see it fall into the hands of an idiot. Although you can at least recognize that we are in trouble, you still have yet to understand the actual problems. There are three underlying dilemmas plaguing America which you have either ignored or acted poorly upon: illegal immigrants, the supposed poverty issue, and the war on terror.

Firstly I need to discuss your stance on illegal immigrants. They are ruining our beautiful country! They are constantly flooding in by the thousands, and you are insisting that we need to help these people! You are even lifting deportation laws when we need them most. We have rapists, murderers, and thieves sneaking into my great country! Although some of these people may be good, there are far more that want to do harm than good. All illegals should go back to their country and come back when they can do it legally. That brings me to my second point, what poverty issue are you talking about? I have walked down every street in my town and I have not seen one hobo or vagabond anywhere. I live in a simple town in Kentucky, and we have simple shops and businesses around. I cannot understand why people are not able to get jobs when the city is just what we are on a larger scale. I know for a fact that people are just being plain lazy, from the pictures I have seen. All of the beggars and homeless are just lying on the ground waiting for nothing, when they need to be getting up and getting a job. The problem we have in this country is not some kind of “top one percent” problem, it’s that we have lazy citizens who are not taking advantage of the resources they have! Also, I’d like to point out your failure in the war on terror. Fifteen years ago, our great president, George W. Bush declared a war on terror when thousands of innocent people died in the terrible 9/11 attacks. We decided, as a country, to free the people of the Middle-East from their Muslim oppressors. Because of your constant desire to let the people of that country suffer, many more have died then needed, and a new terror group, ISIS, has the countries in their grasp. If you ask me, I am happy that the election has finally come.

Although the damage you have done is extensive, Mr. Obama, there is a solution. The solution’s name is Donald Trump. We have had great presidents before (and poor ones), but never had we had an opportunity to have one like Trump. He has one goal: make America great again. This is a man who understand the crisis we’re in. This is a man that cares about what I think, and is not afraid to say what he thinks. He has the right ideas when it comes to immigration. He knows what kind of problems the Mexican immigrants are causing, and has a plan: get rid of them. They can stay on their side of the wall where they belong. Also, Trump is a businessman. He knows how to make money, unlike many of the people in our government. By having someone like him, if we had any problems with money, they would be solved since he knows how to deal with it. Finally, Trump is a man who knows the issues we have with radical Muslims, and he is the only one who has presented a sensible plan: get them out of here! The best course of action when sorting through the good and the bad ones is stopping the flow of them at the source. Our country is sick with lazy, selfish, and just plain bad people, and Donald Trump is the cure. I have to say I’m glad we’re finally getting you out of here.


Avereg E. Jowe

The Common Knowledge of a True American

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