…The Doctor Will See You Now…

It’s incredible how many people believe in doctors. They are very intelligent people. They always know what to do and what the problem is. If you were to go to the doctors with a broken arm they would tell you, “Oh here is a band-aid put some ice on it then you will be fine.” They always solve the problem don’t they? Doctors are like teachers asking questions to see if you get it right. If you were to come in with a stomach pain the doctors may even ask you well what do you have? I mean wow the doctor asks such hard questions. They think you may know what you have. The best medicine they will give you is advil. “Oh just take advil and it will go away.” Man those doctors sure now how to test you. My grandma was diagnosed with cancer when I was fourteen years old. They found a lump in her breast and she had to go through immediate surgery. Between my grandma’s children, my aunts, uncles, and my mom they split the cost and each paid a certain amount. When my grandma went through surgery they took both of her breasts off. When they took the lump out they tested it, but guess what it turned out to be that the lump was just fat and it was not cancer. Wow doctors are sure smart amputating people so they can get rid of the problem faster.

I mean it’s better for the doctors because they get all the money to themselves. They amputate people to get more money for themselves. I mean they have to pay mortgage and their bills so might as well keep amputating people. Many girls go to the doctors for birth control prescriptions or abortions and this helps the doctors economically because if they don’t tell the girls about what’s really in birth control the girls go buy it and the doctors get so much money. That’s great isn’t it? They can buy new cars for themselves now while those girls have hormone problems. When they get abortions it’s best not to tell them what can happen to their bodies after. I mean doctors want to buy new shoes so it’s best not to tell them so they can get more money. This is a very great way to make a whole lot of money. When people come in for chemotherapy doctors get more money so they can buy more things. Of course they won’t tell their patients that is’t actually a poison and instead of helping it will only kill you. It’s a $200 billion business for doctors. We wouldn’t want the doctors to miss out on this money would we? They make so much money and we wouldn’t want to take that away from them would we?

And if some us of try to make a lawsuit against the doctors we would never win that and that’s totally fine. I mean the doctors have so much money they can get the best lawyers and as always those doctors like I said are super smart will always have help from the pharmaceutical companies. Those companies always cover the doctor’s assess. This is very good though. The doctors get a lot of money. We are helping them out though. We let them amputate us, lie to us, and kill us and this is good for them. They get so many riches. We are their life saviors. We make it easier for them. They won’t give us the real treatments that can actually cure us because they need all that money. We have to keep helping them out. It’s a good thing that they don’t feel guilty about hurting us. We should go to the doctors soon so we can see in what we can help in. I would feel so honored about helping doctors. This makes me so happy.

…The Doctor Will See You Now…

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