Art or Death?

There is a war. In a world with conflicting opinions, there will always be war. The blood, the sweat, the desire to win drains the normality of life, and plants a thought of unconventional thinking, Yuck! Unconventional thinking brought this war upon us. Unconventional thinking caused by the disgusting, savage, biochemical compounds that humans produce called emotions. The rage and anger that both sides…fe…fe…feels… damnit!! Now they have me even fathoming the idea of anger. I want to be numb because feelings cause this sensation of warmth, as if I’m going to burn.  The worst part isn’t even the warm sensation, it is the high possibility that the once you allow one emotion to take root in your being, you begin to experience the other emotions because they are all connected. I would rather jump into the fiery pit of hell before actually feeling something. Feelings are unnecessary. They are a waste of biochemical energy that could be used to think about the quadratic formula or the laws of thermodynamics. It’s shouldn’t be used for color, canvas, notes or pitch. The rebels show these…emotions…through art. Apparently art is a form of expression. When the rebels protest their insignificant views on how society is governed, their is noise they call music. It sounds as though a screeching infant was having a fight with a motor cycle. It is completely pointless! Our society is fine with just facts and just numbers. We do not need the smoky haze that tags along with the arts. That is why the arts were taken out of schools, communities, and the government. The emotions that conducted the stroke of a paint brush or the escalation in a singer’s throat hold us back as homo sapiens.


The arts are the kryptonite of the educational system. It will cause turmoil, confusion, anarchic thinking, etc. If the arts are allowed in school then we are setting our children and future generations to fail tremendously. They will not understand that a quantitative outlook on life is the only way to see and understand mthe world with a clear mind. They will become fearful because with art, there is no knowing; No real understanding of what you are doing. The next generations will begin to come up with “out of the box” ideas which could ruin the government. They will revoke tradition and attempt to overthrow the legislation, just like the rebels are trying to do. The only difference between the possible two groups is that the rebels will not succeed because they are protesting peaceful. What’s worst than a group of our teenagers, who have the training, who knows how we think, and who knows the system back and forth? The arts will turn our children against us. It will persuade them to become insubordinate, rather that obedient to the laws of the government and the laws of their parents. The arts will lead to the destruction of what we call sanity. Emotions that oozes from the arts is an abomination. It should be banned from the consumption of America.


The worst part about this epidemic, is that the rebels are GAINING MEMBERS! People are beginning to support this atrocity, this god forsaken mess. Damnit!! Why are my eyes leaking? Why do I feel such pain. It’s happening again! The rage they are making me feel! I can’t take this anymore. The emotions disregarded emotions are flushing back. I need to end this. I need to end the pain. The water that is dripping from my face. I need to end my life because the infection is taking place. This infection is an internal flame that needs to be put out. The only way to do it is death. Death is my only option. Death is the only way out of this living hell. I’m ending it…


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Art or Death?

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