Bomb Baby Bomb!

Overpopulation is the most under-talked issue that we face in our world today, let alone acted one that is acted upon. It is even worse that it is caused by poor people who do not provide anything good for our world. It might have been somewhat acceptable if they actually did something good and were not just completely worthless.

I for one am absolutely sick of these people in crowded countries like China and India causing all these problems in the world like crime and pollution. Why do they have to have so many kids anyways? They should not be having as much as they are if they cannot provide for them. We need to just bomb them so we can get rid of overpopulation in one fell swoop. It would be so easy. Just send a bunch of bombs to all those overcrowded poor countries. This way, we won’t kill any important people. It will just be a bunch of poor people that no one cares about. They are worthless to society and no one benefits from them, so they will not be missed when they get blown to bits by a bomb. It would not be a nuclear bomb though. That would cost too much money and resources, and these people are not even close to being worth blowing a nuclear bomb up for. Just around twelve big bombs to six different majorly populated areas, quick and clean. That should do the trick.

The biggest problem that I have with these countries is that they create so much pollution. Because these countries are so stupidly poor, they have to rely on the non-renewable and environmentally damaging resources like coal or oil. They are not able to get solar powered vehicles and a wind powered home like I do. Why don’t they stop begging on the street and try and work for money instead of being lazy and relying on sympathy. Honestly if they just worked as hard as I did, and were not lazy and arrogant waiting for money to come to them, they could actually achieve something in life, instead of just polluting this world and making it miserable for the both of us. They pretty much deserve to die for being so worthless and lazy.

People living in these areas are also turning to crime to get their money and be able to live. They are all weak and lose hope and give up quite easily. They will take the easy way out by robbing others. This just creates a trade-off of wealth between the poor which does absolutely nothing. This is exactly why we should just bomb them. It is extremely hard to turn someone’s morals from a life of crime and poverty. It takes too much time and resources for anyone to do it. We already have the bombs, we literally just need to enter the coordinates of some of the poorest and most populated areas in the world, and hit that big red button.

I think if we explained this idea to the important and powerful countries in the world, they would understand that this is the best possible scenario to overcome the serious problem of overpopulation. If they do not agree, then I will have to just build my own bombs and do it myself. Someone has to do it, and if it is not going to be the world together as one, then it will be me. I am sure that there are other people that agree with me, and I am sure that they would be willing to help me if it comes down to that. I just hope I do not have to do it because that would take a pretty long time, and anything number of terrible things can arise from those areas.

Bomb Baby Bomb!

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