Burn the Houses!

In San Francisco there’s a great diversity of people in poverty, there’s people who are without a home, there are people who can’t pay all of their bills, there are people who can barely get by with food to eat every single day. Poverty has actually become one of the greatest occurrences in the city of San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area. It has become this great cause because of the fact that people are living in their cars, struggling to find meals, being evicted out from their homes, can’t buy their children the items they want and need, and people are not struggling live happily. Everyone in this bay community has grown to accept this as common idea for humans to live as. Like I said before this poverty benefits people, so if I was the mayor of San Francisco I would burn down all of the houses so that everyone can live in the streets, burn down the houses so that we can eat trashcan leftovers, the best food there is, and burn down the houses so that society sees the greatness of poverty. People who live in luxury don’t know that they are missing out on living outside, ever been to the beach?, you can get a nice winter breeze at night that’ll have you shivering and dancing like Michael Jackson, if people learn to do it enough people might start making it on Dancing with the Stars. Shoot I would hate to live in luxury because what’s luxury it’s the opposite of living in poverty. For example if I was a celebrity and living in luxury minding my own business, I’d think it’d be boring, because I’d be living all alone. Being in poverty allows you to get the best food possible, leftovers. You can get all kinds of leftovers, especially living in the city. They have the most trash cans where food is wasted and left over. You know what they say, “early bird gets the worm”. Since you’re already in your car, you can get the leftovers before anyone else. So everyone should get themselves into poverty because it’s amazing. Life is all about living in happiness. The rich people aren’t happy they are just constantly stressed out because of paying bills and attention and other causes. With poverty you can be free and happy all the time I understand that some people can not stand leftovers, but let me tell ya about the trash can left overs, there is nothing greater than those, the taste on your tongue of the trash can leftovers is beyond an adjective by the name of, beautiful, and not to mention the extras that come with the leftovers. When you get leftovers you can make it a fun game of biometrics. This could be a fun game because you can figure out who was previously eating the food with hair, gum, and saliva connected to it. Have you ever taking a class that includes forensics because it can get pretty interesting. The greatest of poverty is only 14.5 percent of the world live in it. That’s not a big number at all, we need to get that number up by burning houses. If San Francisco burns down everything then we can shoot for higher rates in poverty levels. If we can reverse the number and change it to 85.5 percent of people in poverty and we can live in that way life will improve.

Burn the Houses!

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