Caring for Global Warming

           Global Warming is something not spoken about much nowadays which truly upsets me. The Earth we live in is a terrible place to inhabit because of the horrible things we go through everyday. The weather is so terrible in this generation but people don’t seem to find the solution which is Global Warming. There are places where the temperature is absolutely freezing where it is below zero and there are a bunch of ice storms. I mean who like that type of horrible weather anyways. For the people that live in the super hot weather, they absolutely love their life since it is always hot. That is where Global Warming comes into play.  If we follow the steps necessary to achieve Global Warming, then we will be living in the perfect environment. It would be summer all year long and everyone would be happier than everyone.With this, people that died from diseases caused by that horrible cold weather will not suffer anymore. In fact we would be saving lives since you can not die from hot weather since all you would have to do is jump in a body of water. The only bad thing is that there is consequences since something like this can not simply be too good.

           With Global Warming there will be effects like Climate Change which will cause a couple of natural disasters which is not too bad since many people have survived from them. That would be pretty much it but there will be a whole lot more positives than negatives. Sea-levels will rise since the ice would be melting which would no more droughts and if it gets a little too hot, we would have more than enough water to keep us alive for a long time. Yeah that would mean that polar bears would drown but I mean who likes those ugly, furry animals anyways. They do not help society in a sort of way and they are too boring too look at in a zoo. I mean Global Warming is fundamental for all good things. It would be like a beach day every single day. Everyone needs to wake up and realize that this is essential for living the good life. Global Warming is the answer to our many solutions in the last couple of years. Look back and see how terrible the Ice Age was. Unless all of you want to return back to an age in which people would suffer tremendously from that horrid weather. Literally every single person did not survive that Ice Age which should stick with us if this is the rate in which we are trying to go into.

         With Global Warming, this Ice Age will never return and we will be resurrected into an age where everyone would love to live in. Also imagine how much money you would save since you would not have to spend money to go on vacation to a nice place since it would be nice everywhere all year round. Everyone would also be nice and tan which would cause our future children to be attractive which also helps the human race. We would literally be creating the perfect planet with the perfect inhabitants on it. But we have to do everything possible to achieve this splendid thing called Global Warming. We would have to build a whole lot more factories where we build things for the new environment. Also, we would need a whole lot more fossil fuels to use like coal and oil to travel places. We would also need to throw away all the things that we used in the cold weather away and burn it since we do not want to remember those horrible days ever again. Those steps, my fellow human beings, are the steps needed to live in the most perfect environment ever created.

Caring for Global Warming

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