Pick Your Planet

It is a melancholy sight to see smoke and gases being emitted into our atmosphere from the rusty pipes of factories across the United States. These factories have come to the conclusion that if they continue to produce fossil fuels as rapidly as they are, the ozone layer will deplete, allowing for the sun to penetrate and melt the ice caps. This will cause the ocean to rise about 216 feet and most of the land on Planet Earth will be underwater. The United States government must come up with a solution. A national council came together and decided that since the world will eventually end, we must devise a method to save as many citizens, while still allowing the factories to make profit until doomsday. A committee of government officials and factory managers accomplished this goal by banding together and devising a plan known as “Pick Your Planet.”

The plan entails that we move the American society to Mars and Venus and colonize our community there. The factories would like to maximize their resources so they will generate space shuttles from the remains of abandoned suburb homes. The transportation is planned to be finished by the year 2040. Some scientists predict that there might be signs of water on Mars so our new society can thrive. Mars is all rock, which will provide for a solid ground to build more homes and factories. Since there is a limited amount of space on the shuttles, the expense for the first drop-off at Mars will be 1 trillion dollars. Each drop-off will be lowered by 1 million dollars, since the shuttles get less and less stable with each journey. Unfortunately, it is hypothesized that the spacecrafts will only be able to sustain 100 trips, so the people who do not book these flights will be left on planet Earth.

However, there is hope for those left behind. The government and coal factories want to promote as much human survival, so they have less advanced space shuttles being developed from car scraps, that will transport people to Venus for the rate of 1 billion dollars. Venus is considered Earth’s twin because of it’s composition and size so it will seem like a familiar place! Although Venus is full of toxic carbon dioxide, these people that choose to move to Venus will be provided with body suits that will protect them from this. The people will never be able to take them off, but the important part is that they are still living.

The United States has even supplied a much cheaper plan for those who cannot afford the trip to Venus or Mars. The government has provided transportation from wherever your location is in the United States directly to Colorado or Alaska. These two states are at higher elevations so the people migrating here will not be affected by rising sea levels immediately. The factories and government want to encourage as much life to American citizens as possible.

The year is now 2040 and the Pick Your Planet Plan has experienced nothing but prosperity. Many civilians have left for Mars while many others are anxiously waiting for the shuttle to return so they can go see their new home! Before people had the opportunity to move to Mars and Venus, all they could look forward to was to see their beloved Earth slowly slip away, however this new plan has brought hope to the lives of Americans. Many countries like China and Russia have requested to be a partner in this program so that their citizens can bring diversity to the new societies of Venus and Mars. However, the United States has kindly declined because it wants to promise it’s new colonies a completely war-free life. Bringing other countries into this plan will only bring conflict and the United States government is all about maintaining peace and life.


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Pick Your Planet

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