Giving our Water Flavor

Polluting the ocean with trash and oil helps the boring looking water now amusing to look at. Especially the turtles wearing clothing with plastic soda rings, I mean losing a leg or two will not be much of a problem, all you really need is three legs. The oil companies should continue to bring the ocean a new look, it creates all kinds of different color being added to the water. Without adding some intensity to the water through trash, the oil, and other chemicals, it wouldn’t be something you would want to look at. Although when there is this intensity added into the water, it catches your eye and is amusing to look at. Now when you scuba dive down into the coral reefs off the coast, you get to see turtles with clothing, one that most people use, soda cans plastic rings. Also, all different kinds of trash from bags to soda cans, brings the surface of the water some flavor, giving the animals clothing that might may hurt them but it is worth it in the end.

Also, we should make sure that the wastewater that we use should be added with stuff such as chemicals and trash. Why use the trash when you can easily put it into your toilet, you do not have to worry about taking out the trash on garbage day. From brushing our teeth, washing our hands, not only getting germs into the water but also the chemicals from the soap come with it, a two for one deal. Hopefully, the wastewater will make it’s way to the clean water we use or even the water that fish live in such as the ocean.  Never throw away your trash into a trash bin when you can easily put it in the toilet and flush it down after going to the bathroom. Everyone has that feeling of wanting to be lazy, but you actually can and it will help the environment. Just let the trash fly away, it will take care of itself, after that you can just sit back and relax, and have no worries. Anyway, why worry about the water that we could be affecting the environment of the fish, because there is more water on the surface of earth than there is land.

The fish in the oceans deserve to have all of these easy to access all of the things that we are putting into the ocean. All of this is coming at no cost to them, and we have to buy the product in order to trash, and turn it into clothing putting it into the water for you to where.They should be grateful that we treat them so well and also how we catch you and are so nice to let you back into the water.  Turtles are the most lucky out of all of the life in the ocean, they get to have a jewelry, something that no other fish can have. It could be nice and tight around one’s arm, or around one’s neck or nice and tight slowly eating up it’s neck. People should not need to worry as much as they do about it and should start worrying more about other things.  This is the least of the problems going on in the world, humans would be able to fly before this whole pollution nonsense would become something serious, do not even worry. The fish have been able to survive thousands of years and will be able to adapt to anything and new fish will be able be created from mutations and adaptations as a result of the change in the environment. People should wish that they got the great opportunity that the fish have, all they have to do is swim around and enjoy life. Look up at the colorful surface of the water, look around at all of the floating things, and get creative making clothing out of it.

Giving our Water Flavor

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