Guns Don’t Kill People, but Maybe They Should…

In Americas advanced society, several issues have arisen as a result of the constant sheltering that many people receive. This sheltering caused immediate problems, such as overpopulation, a major source of concern. Due to Americas over-protective laws, programs, and health care, the population has exploded, which has resulted in an increase in the unemployment rate, poverty, and will negatively affect the overall quality of life. This over-protective system is also hindering the process of natural selection, which is a very serious issue. Many people whose inferior genes would have died a hundred years ago are still alive today, which in turn weakens the human race as a whole. Fortunately, there is a very simple solution to solve both of these issues, and luckily, this solution has already gained momentum in America.

2015 saw a dramatic increase of the amounts of mass shootings in America.  There were 372 mass shootings in the US in 2015, killing 475 people, which in comparison to the 300+ million us residents, isn’t a very large percentage. However, factoring in the total number of deaths due to Gun homicide, the number rises to 13,286 people, which is still nowhere near sufficient enough to solve overpopulation or continue natural selection. But seeing as how guns are one of the most user-friendly and easy to use killing tools, it is very likely that this number can climb if we push the cause, arming all U.S. citizens, and hoping the problem will work itself out.  

Statistics from 2014 indicate that every 100 people owned only 112.6 guns, which is far too low to solve the the issues at hand. A good goal would be for every U.S. citizen to own a multitude of automatic weapons, and to carry one at all times, this way, it is ensured that in any time of slight anger or distress, everyone will have access to their own problem solver. If the mandatory gun requirements do a mediocre job combating overpopulation, certain “open range” zones may be designated, usually located at the center of a group of people who serve no real purpose in American society, (For example: the poor, homeless, and criminals). This method kills two birds with one stone, because disposing of the poor will directly lower the poverty rate, seeing as the ratio of wealthy to poor decreases. It can easily be concluded that anybody who is not well-off in today’s easy, get rich quick society, is not advanced enough to survive, therefore, disposing of them would just be helping natural selection continue on its desired path.

Yet another possible way to solve the natural selection crisis would be the introduction of the purge, made famous by the hit movie trilogy The Purge, or something of a similar style, where for one night a year, all laws were uplifted and there would be no consequences for any actions. Everybody who was wise enough to avoid dangerous areas during these purge nights would most likely survive, while the less intelligent would perish, most likely by gun violence. This would weed out the inferior genes and allow for the human race to become more advanced through the direct competition of survival of the fittest.

The pro-gun movement will bring about a new era, one in which all people are comfortable with their living state, as there will no longer be poverty. There will be plenty of available jobs for hopeful employees due to the fact that the people who used to fill those jobs are no longer alive.  The elimination of overpopulation would not only fix unemployment, but it would also fix the national hunger problem, as there would be the same amount of food with a lower demand, dropping prices. And most importantly, the quality of the human race will continue to improve, as the process of natural selection will ensure that only the people with the most superior intellect and physical traits survive.

Guns Don’t Kill People, but Maybe They Should…

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