I’m Coming For You, My “Child”

Some people call me names, some people are scared of me, some people are disgusted by me, but most people are protecting their children from me. I’m a nice guy but looks can be deceiving, I love kids they are my pride and joy. I really love children and minors that aren’t mine. Thank you to all mothers for giving birth to young kids but once I get my hands on them you better make sure that the last words you said them were “I love you” because you will never see your child again. It’s my job to make families miserable and cause them  pain and it’s the police’s job to constantly search for me but I’m much better at my job. That’s who I am that’s who I was born to be God knew exactly what he was doing when he created me. On a good day, me and some of my friends probably abduct about one child every 41 seconds so in a total year we have abducted about 800,000 children. What really makes my job such an easy one is the fact that most parents are really unaware of their child’s safety. My common spot for taking a child is in a public park in the middle of the day, because lots of parents turn their back on their kid and are not really watching them. I just come in and snatch them and make them regret every single minute they turned their back on their kid. It’s the best feeling in the world, knowing that someone is grieving and living with such guilt and sadness and knowing I caused it! It’s so funny.

The moment I get my hands on a minor there is no telling what I’m going to do to them and what they are going to experience. They are in my control, in my possession and I can do whatever I want  without anyone stopping me. The child makes the decision on whether or not their stay with me will be nice and simple or hard and miserable. By saying “no” and not doing what they are told I will make your life a living hell and your family may get a call from the police saying that they found your body on the side road in the middle of nowhere. I’m sneaky, you can’t catch me I have been doing this to children my entire life. I know how the game works I know how to avoid the police I know how to catch you no matter how fast or long you run from me because I will find you and take you for however long I please. I can use and abuse you for my sexual pleasure I can use and abuse you physically and verbally and I can even murder you, but that depends on how much I value you or how “special” you are to me. I can slave you! I can work you to the point where you go to bed hungry because you didn’t clean what I asked you to clean or you didn’t cook what I asked you cook or you didn’t listen at all!  Always the choice is yours. I can use a child for human trafficking, I can also use a child for illegal adoption, and I can even hold a child for a ransom and increase the amount at any given time. The power is in my hands, your child’s life is in my hands if you want to see your child alive then I suggest you do nothing and not look for your child or call the police or get the national center for missing and exploited children involved because that just endangers your child not me! To catch me and put me in jail be more aware and cautious of where your child is at all times in public places.

I’m Coming For You, My “Child”

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