Kappa Kappa Yea Yea

Greek life at colleges is one of the main parts showcased in every big college movie and in real life. It is one of the most inclusive and self-esteem raising environments someone can be in. During the rushing season kids are judged not by the content of their character but how rich or hot they are. The definitions of hot are very loose so many people are allowed into these cults. Sororities and fraternities are open to all white men and women, and maybe a couple biracial kids as long as they are at least half white. That way there will be no need for segregation signs between what parties people of color can’t go to. There will be no need because all of the good kind is already inside to be at the event.

In the world there are very separate groups. We live in a segregated society. The only reason minorities go to colleges like this is because of affirmative action. They are already taking the spots of the wealthy, white people who would pay good money to go to this school, so they do not need to be invited to events as well. They have their race specific sororities. There is nothing wrong with being proud of being white and wanting to keep our groups pure. People of color already get their Historically Black Colleges and Universities, but for some reason there is no all white school or all white group without the leaders being called “racist”. There is nothing wrong with saying that whites are the supreme race in society. There is no need to get anyone’s panties in a twist. It isn’t rude if it’s true.

The trouble with being the top race in society is that no one can express their excitement or love for their culture without being called a “racist” or “bigot”. Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Yale is the only fraternity that lives up to the standards of what Greek life should be. There were no people of color in Greece. At most there was only a light tan on most people. If Greece didn’t have any black people then why should we taint the culture of our societies by plaguing them with “diversity”. If these high societies say that they are only looking for white girls to attend their parties then so be it. They have standards and rules that they need to follow. No one is discriminating on dark skinned girls, the heads of these parties are just saying that they aren’t allowed in and should stay to their own section of the college.

In conclusion, chanting about how our groups don’t let lowly ni***** in and how the closest they can get to the frats or sororities is hanging from the trees in the backyard isn’t racist. It is simply highlighting someone of the basis our groups were founded on. Our slave-owning ancestors weren’t racist, they were just used to owning people back then and had to treat those people as the lowlifes that they were and their ancestors were.

Kappa Kappa Yea Yea

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