Let’s Build a Wall and End It ALL

America is faced with a problem that is ever so impactful and pertinent to the lives of your average American. Illegal immigration is affecting the life of every American person because these aliens export their crime and poverty to America. We are being weakened as a country and are gradually seeing an increase in crime and poverty in states along the border. If we do this one thing that I have strategically planned out then we will be freed from horrible problems such as these. We need to build a wall. Each year 500 million people cross the border, and some 600 million are not citizens of the United States. To prevent this we will build a wall that is 95,000 miles long surrounding America and protecting it from illegal aliens. The wall will be 121 feet tall and 65 feet thick just so the wall alone will prevent them from getting over. But, we will also have 95,000,000 guards (1000 guards per mile)  posted on the wall to protect it and prevent the aliens. There will be a policy regarding what to do if a guard sees someone trying to come to America. The guards, who are well armed with AK-47s and rocket launchers, will be required to shoot on site. If there are a group of them trying to come over that exceeds the number of 7 then the guard has two options: throw a gas bomb or throw a grenade. There is also an extreme protocol if the illegal immigrants decide to rush the wall with numbers in the hundreds. This protocol will require the guard to call in an airstrike on the massive group to eradicate them. Luckily we will have military grade air bases established just inside the wall. There will be one air base per thousand miles around the inside part of the wall. The wall will have trenches to increase maximum security in more dangerous parts of the wall. The trenches will have a pool of acid at the bottom to terminate any illegal immigrant trying to harm our country. The wall will also have a sentry turret in between every other posted guard. These sentry turrets will be the latest, most up to date heavy machine guns in the world. Therefore, even more guards would have to be working on the wall. Because we would need so much work force on the wall this would create much more jobs for people who need them. In addition to the increase of jobs, the crime and poverty will decrease, thus making America great again. To increase the range of job opportunity with the wall, individuals in between the ages of 16-65 will be able to join. Both male and female can join. By starting the guards at a young age will make the youth have more pride for their country; by keeping the elders on the wall, they too will maintain their sense of pride for their country. On the other hand, no one should be at all worried about cost of constructing the wall because we will use sustainable designs to reduce the cost. The cost of will not be an issue, especially because the great factors of the wall will outweigh the minor cost of the wall by a landslide. Also, no one should be concerned about environmental issues because the wall will be very eco-friendly. The electricity running through the wall will be powered by its own photovoltaic solar panels. We also will have hybrid electric water systems to provide good, clean water for those working on or in the wall. In the end, building a wall is the most reasonable and effective solution. The wall will not only protect America from the illegal aliens, but it will increase job opportunity, increase citizen’s pride in America, decrease crime and poverty, and give America a strong rapport with the rest of the world.2016 03 21 English J. Satire Piece Picture

Let’s Build a Wall and End It ALL

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