Living In The Now..

When you log onto your computer, you can search up anything you like whenever you like. The latest fight at the local Bart station, women and children getting robbed, or catching natural disasters on camera are just some of the topics that can make you a viral sensation. The only major drawback to any of these topics is simply the end of your life. Luckily for the viewer if you die in the process of filming something, it is as if your spirit lives on. 

When you walk down the street and see a nice bird perched on a tree, you wonder what type of bird that is and then it hits you that you can find much prettier/ more majestic bird with the touch of the button whether it is on your phone or on your computer. With your useful device, you have an assortment of birds with the touch of your finger. Not only can you look at them, but you can also hear them in videos and see them fly in the air over places you have seen on Google Maps. Forget leaving your house, the internet has everything for you. Society makes it so that everything is fast and reliable with the blink of an eye and the push of a button. No waiting and no hassle will get in the way of your curiosity and that bird you saw on the tree will be back some other time so really there is no reason to even care.

When you are walking down the street and see an old woman being jumped for her bag, there is no reason to get involved due to the fact that if you video record, you could potentially become famous off of it. Another reason why you should not get involved is because you could possibly get injured or even worse, crack your phone. Not only does it distort your camera and video capabilities, it might ruin the chances of you getting an upgrade in the summer; everyone knows that if you do not have the latest phone, you are obviously not special. If that old woman ends up getting injured or dies in the process, not only will you have done the world a solid by eliminating one less weak person, but you will forsure be on the news and you will forsure gain a ton of followers on social media accounts as well. After all, the more followers the more famous you are.

If you ever get caught in a natural disaster, do not run for your life the first chance you get. Try to wait until you get close enough to the disaster to the point where it is directly in line with the camera frame on your phone. You want to be able to become famous off of this so you are most likely going to have to get hurt in order to stimulate your audience and grab their short attention span. Remember, the funnier the better and by funnier the more stupid the better. Whether the disaster is a tornado, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, or flood, if you capture it on camera, you are going to become famous one way or another. Therefore,  try your best when it comes to recording videos; you might have a possibility of becoming a viral hit.

Society in America has made it so that anyone could become a viral star/ internet sensation, whether it is capturing a nearby natural disaster on tape or recording a suspenseful fight between a bully and a victim or a robber and an elderly woman. Anyone could become famous nowadays in terms of social media and the best part is that it seldom costs your life in some cases and if you do end up dying, just know that your life and actions up to the point of your death made you famous for a certain amount of time in American history.


Living In The Now..

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