Modern Propa-gay-nda

Throughout the history of our great nation, there have been many types of propaganda that have influenced the members of our country to think and act a certain way. They make our citizens stronger or weaker, and influence our society in ways that we can’t imagine. Over the years it has seemed to die down, with propaganda posters deemed an antiquated way to spread ideals. However, there has been a new sort of propaganda spreading through our nation. It spreads through our media like a slow-acting venom, poisoning our youth and injecting society with the absurd idea that same-sex love is the way to go. I’m not saying that being gay is wrong per se, just that the representation of them in media is a little too much. They can exist and that doesn’t matter, but they need to stop shoving it in our face.

I’m sick of seeing these gays existing in loving relationships on my tv and on my tv shows. If we don’t put a stop to this homosexual propaganda, then more and more gay people will show up and they’ll become the norm! If we don’t stop the gays, soon everyone will be in some sort of gay relationship. In order to prevent the creation of even more of these disgusting gays, we need to put an end to any affection between members of the same sex. A mother telling her daughter she loves her? No way!  Two guys giving each other a high five? TOO GAY! In fact, we should separate those of the same gender so men can only talk to women, and women can only talk to men. Put an end to any gay interaction. I don’t want to see these gays indulging in their perversions on my own television, so just get rid of anything that could be deemed homosexual.

Or, if any guys talk to each other on television, they have to say the phrase, “no homo,” in order to ensure that everybody can tell that the men are as straight as can be. In order to ensure that our society is as straight as possible, men and women must conform to their gender stereotypes perfectly or risk getting fired or even imprisonment. Women have to cry at any inconvenience to them, and have to act completely compliant with anything a man says, and if she does not, she must be shown some sort of humiliating lesson so she learns her place—that place being below men. Men will be required to meet the standards of government issued testosterone limits, and take a monthly test which will  determine if they are truly as straight as they claim. Those who do not wish to comply with society’s new and better standards will face the penalty of death, the exception being  those few special gays who will represent the rest of their community in the media. It’s common sense that the only thing the gays would be useful for, is of course as a scapegoat group. In our new perfect homosexual free society, inevitably, problems will still arise and the gays and scum of society will take their place as human sponges for blame and any other complaints that bubble to the surface of this proposed utopia.

Now mind you, I’m not saying gays are wrong! I’m just trying to say that if we show this much gay propaganda in the media, it will influence our children to be gay and influence them to think that gay people are normal. In fact, in order to truly reduce the chance that any of our children or anyone in general will be swayed by this ridiculous propaganda, we should just gather up all the gays and keep them in a quarantined camp. There they will all die out, and our society will once again be pure. This seems to be the easiest way to keep these gays out of the media.

Modern Propa-gay-nda

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