Quench You Down With Some WATER!

Seven Years Ago… California was a great state full of beautiful, sunny weather with sites to see, full of  rivers, mountains, cities, and entertainment. With all of the great things California had to offer, many people from all over the world visited and moved to explore all the great things California had to offer. Many people moved to California causing it to become overpopulated, making the drought that no one paid attention to even worse than what it was before. With the increase of people, the demand for more water became more serious. It got to the point where California needed to expand but couldn’t. Even the people felt that California was too special to be connected to Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. The government and the people decided that California would be its own island. Being in California gave the people the belief that they could do and be anything as if the laws of nature did not apply to them. The people didn’t need water or food as an everyday resource to survive because they figured they could thrive on juices, wines, and frozen foods.

The drought got so bad that there was little to no water left in the state of California. As years went on, the water became less of a resort. Even though farmers became worried due to how dry their harvest were, it didn’t bother the people. Life continued and more people moved to California just before the state officially broke apart from the other states—which took a year to separate. After the separation, the people couldn’t do anything else but to recognize the brown grass and the shortage of water. The people went to the government and said, “we’re surrounded by water, why not just use that water so we won’t be in a drought anymore, there is plenty of ocean to go around.” And that is exactly what the government did. They got there best scientist to work as quickly as possible to make the salt water drinkable and usable for the people.

As the island got greener, the rivers got fuller which made farmers happier. The people got so overjoyed that more water parks were built and water went back to being over used. Life went on and everyone was happy for a couple of years, until one day a person started to realize that the grass started to dry up but decided to do nothing about it. Not thinking much of it, more people started an notice and California went from tropical entertainment island to desert to an estimate amount of time of three years. The ocean levels decreased rapidly and the people started to notice the weather and how it hardly rained within the last couple years. People then started to worry, making a decision that they want to reconnect California. The panic began and California became even drier. The people started to wonder what happened and how did they use all of the ocean water? Where was the rain within these last couple of years? What are we going to do?

The government had no other choice but to abandon California and move to other states. Unfortunately, there were was no bridge to cross and no plane to fly in because the people disabled it knowing that they would never want to leave. They never thought anything bad could happen and that they would change their minds about California. Some people took the risk of making the long journey to Arizona, Oregon, or Nevada. Many heard rumors of people dying on their journey because of the lack of resources. People began to die off and the survival of fittest began. With barely any water left, people started to get extremely greedy, leading to a huge decrease in population. The ones who survived didn’t live long but learned the value of things that they had. In the end, California became deserted and dry and known as ‘No Man’s Land’ the place no one wanted to visit.

Quench You Down With Some WATER!

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