Rape is not a lie but the myths are.

 Society likes to  teach girls to not get raped, rather than teach boys not to rape. Along with this statement comes the most common myths when it comes to rape. The first one is that whatever a woman wears determines whether she gets raped or not, and that  men do not get raped. I came up with a  few ideas to prevent rape and this is what happened.


Number one: If you don’t want people to believe that the way women dress is the reason why they get raped, then be a ghost for a day. All you gotta do is grab a disgusting bedsheet poke holes in it. It’s ok if even your little brother peed on it, because that’s what repeals all the rapist. Yay! Now it’s not a woman’s fault for getting raped, since this new style would just instantly repeal the perverts and even stop the whole misunderstanding. Not to mention the fashion style will help you become invisible like a ghost, isn’t that helpful? The answer is yes! Another is that the less that women are getting raped, this means the more people will value them for their personality rather than looks. Or even treat them like objects. So overall it’s a win! ( Two weeks later Samantha tried this idea, she was found lying cold on the ground in the middle of an alley. Her skull was busted open and by the time the police arrived the alley transitioned to the red sea. She was completely naked and not only was the bedsheet covered with pee, but with another substance. A homeless man, Fish, reported the crime and is hoping that Samantha gets justice soon.)  


Number two: Sadly people still believe that men should be seen as a strong homosapien. So once someone hears that a victim of rape is a man,  they instantly question.“Well why couldn’t he even defend himself from the rapist” (Bob from the local bar)? It is very common for a woman to sexually assault a man, in fact 97-98% of them do. In this world we assume that if men gets an erection it simply means that they want sex, since we assume that they are sexual instabile. If we know this we can only imagine if we said the same thing about women. It is even said that 46% of male victim reported a female perpetrator. So my solution in order for men to prevent themselves from getting raped, is to create a law that all men should wear inflatable armour. Just walking around town and POW you can whip that armour out and save you image of being a strong man. There will not be any women wanting to approach you because of how strong you are. Plus the fact that you look ridiculous will repeal those rapists. ( The following month, Jimmy was walking down the street with his new armour when a female predator approach him. He immediately pulled the inflatable armour but with one kick she broke it. He was walked into the police station with pieces of the armour on his face, legs, and arms. Not just that but he was covered in bruises and reported that he was mostly drugged since when we woke up naked and saw a potato of a woman in front of him, getting dressed and eventually leaving the following day. Jimmy is still in recovery from the incident he is trying to go the therapists to help him from his depression, but they just can’t stop shaming him. Also the detectives have not kept their promise to win him justice, since then.)    


I came up with these ideas to help people prevent themselves from rape. This only means that rape is inevitable no matter what.  There is no way to prevent rape and these myths are definitely not true! The only way to help yourself is self defense but that’s another satire.   


Rape is not a lie but the myths are.

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