SJND FOOD That’sThe Shit I Don’t Like

The school lunch they serve at SJND is SOOO CHEAP. It cost about $30.00 for 1 plate of food, now that’s a deal you’ll never get a chance at again. Not to mention tax, because, it makes the price so much better. I don’t know where else you would find a better deal other than SJND. Oh, and don’t get me started on the quality of the food. THey serve things like BBQ, rice, pasta, and vegetables. The chicken looks so greasy, it’ll make your lips look like lip gloss. And it’s not even cooked to the bone, so Hooray for E. Coli. The rice is so artificial it brings that lovely taste of styrofoam and plastic. Oh, yeah this school definitely looks out for our health with the vegetables they feed us, only a pint sized amount is enough to fulfill our nutritional needs. Diversity in the food is an issue we need to stop because it’s just adding problems. We got to stick with the basics because they’re trying to keep things simple, and with diversity it cause casualties. And the food is very much in place, we got the chicken with some of it’s feathers still left on the plate. So that’s organic. Oh and what i like the best is the throwup mashed potatoes, Bless whoever chews and spit this out because it makes things way much easier for teeth.  Everyone who gets food from home or anywhere “expensive” would have to be a complete imbecile. I strongly encourage you to eat lunch from SJND because you’d be missing out on a fun experience of having debt and nausea from it. You won’t regret it, I promise you.

SJND FOOD That’sThe Shit I Don’t Like

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