Teenage Suicide

My name is Mariah Johnson and I believe that the fathers should kill themselves. Back when I was in high school, life was absolutely fabulous. The kids at school would tease me every day, some of the kids would take my lunch away from me and eat right in front of my face, while others would just stand there and laugh at me when I would make a mistake, and some of my classmates would even call me names.This didn’t really bother me even though when I would arrive home, I would run straight to my room and I would pour my little eyes out. By committing suicide you wouldn’t have to feel pain anymore, you would be at peace.

As a teenager, I had gone through so much and at times it could be just overwhelming. Things at home were perfect. My parents were constantly arguing, even over the smallest little things. My parents ignored me most of the time. When they did pay attention to me, I would have done something wrong and they would have no problem yelling at me. The sound of yelling really brought music to my ears.

I was thinking that it would make my parents even more happy if killed myself. They way they won’t have to yell at me anymore. Also, I would be one less problem in their lives. Not to mention my best friend and I had gotten into a huge argument. I heard the sound of music once again as soon she yelled from the top of her lungs. She made me feel so good inside that I went to my room and started crying again. It was like a constant cycle where I would do something wrong and no one would care how would feel. The result would always end with me getting yelled at and then I would start crying. She yelled at me and that great feeling came back. We weren’t friends anymore after that day. That is fine with me now because I am a much more happier person now. I mean who needs a best friend, right? When you can just be by yourself all of the time.

To avoid all of the pain that I had strong thoughts about suicide and I had decided to kill myself. I This way, I would not have to hear my parents argue nor will I have to hear my parents yell at me. My mom and dad would not have to hear me complain about school and all of the bullying as well. They do not have to see me suffer anymore, as well.

My parents do not work 24-7 for me because they do not care about me. As a teenager, I am useless and I should not be alive today. As a matter of fact here are a few ideas that I had in mind. I could hang myself, cut my throat using a knife, I could use a gun. By using a gun to shoot myself in the head, I could end end my life more quickly. Then again I could just hang myself and just have time to think. Think about all the people who caused me this pain and that way I can make them hurt, just like the way they made me hurt.

In conclusion, no one should have to go through pain that is this unbearable. It is not fun, it’s not cool, and it does not make you happy. It is a depressing life that no one should have to face. You can set a limit for yourself and when you are constantly feeling down about yourself, every single day to the point where you just cannot take it anymore, that is when you do it. Just put an end to all the pain and suffering right then and there. You will be at peace for once in your life. You will understand what peace actually is.

Teenage Suicide

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