The Poor Can Go Out That Door

People just need to understand that poor students will always be poor in nature. Students who cannot afford an education essentially should not have an education, they obviously have not earned their pass to success. Success is not achieved during college, it is achieved through the parent’s of the student, if the parents of the students are not successful then their children will never ever be successful. Either way, it is not like young adults with bad pasts will have a reason to want to succeed in life. They have not seen all the luxuries in life to want them enough to fight for them, all they have seen is poverty which is nothing. They have not seen the grand hotels nor the mansions in Beverly Hills that intelligent people have achieved of getting through going to college, those who could afford college were the ones worthy enough of buying such luxuries.

As the saying says one moldy apple will mold the rest, students who are poor should not go to school with students of high intelligence because they will contaminate them into negative aspects of life. The only positive thing they will show them is the confidence and pride that they should have because they are the ones who can afford success. There are ways these contaminated beings could go to college which is by taking out a loan but there really is no point of this because they will go into debt and will eventually drop out due to their laziness and lack of want to succeed.

You know, if these students would actually want to succeed, then they would get a job and pay for the tuition. Minimum wage should be enough to pay for college, all they have to do is limit themselves to about 1 meal per week and they should be fine. And if transportation is a problem, then they can live at the school. The cost of living in a dorm is like taking away a little bit of money from a wallet, that is if the wallet is very little. They can easily live under a bridge and can have their only little desk there free from any human interactions to focus on their studies. It is very evident that contaminated young adults could earn success if they really put their mind to it.

These people have always tried to integrate themselves into our society. But as an institution with such high standards, we shall not accept students that do not know how to be normal and successful. We shall not accept those who waste their time in school trying to better their situation, we will make them struggle to survive in society because they must fight for what they want in life and in their future.

Teaching that category of students is like teaching a parrot how to speak, it will never work. Not only will it be a waste of their time, but of ours as well. These uneducated poor children will never be able to understand our high standards of education that we set in place for our students. Hopefully, some place can help them get the education they need in order to succeed in life, they need the type of support that will actually be useful to them in potential job interviews and in life. Maybe they can just stay home and be nothing in life, they were nothing before just like their parents so why would they be bothered by being nothing in the future. More people staying at home can also higher the unemployment rate which is so positive because less people will have more jobs which means more money going to school to have a better life. They can get that money from anywhere, that’s not our concern, our only concern is to educate all those who need an education.

The Poor Can Go Out That Door

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