The Struggle In Malawi, Is Not Real

Poverty in Malawi is not really something that’s important compared to the other things that go in the world. It’s ranked 156 out of 187 developing countries on the Global Hunger Index, which measures progress and failure in the global fight against hunger. I don’t know why people make such a big deal about it. If you don’t want to be poor then go to school, then get a job. I mean how hard is that honestly, Even with the steps it takes to become rich, people still make up excuses such as, expenses, disabilities, etc… If you’re not going to go get a job, go cry somewhere and do nothing about it. But, don’t try to beg other countries for OUR food that we work hard for.

People tend to bring out children into the whole scenario, but the truth is that it’s all a scam. I’m willing to bet that poverty probably isn’t even real, it just a huge scam to get all your money and get you to be the real poor person. That’s just cruel that homeless people would use a joke like that, I mean what’s their problem they act as if people in Malawi actually need food. Africa has its own problems, I’m sure the country can take care of its people. I mean America takes care of us, so why wouldn’t other countries be able to do so?  I got the answer, it’s all because of laziness.

Laziness inhibits people who are poor, so if you’re poor, it’s probably because you’re lay or just not trying. How else do you think people make it by in  the world. It’s because they work hard to gain their success while poor people just slouch all day in the streets begging  people to help them. No, they need to get up and go do something with their life, nobody cares if they have children who are dying of malaria, and starvation.They have to leave them to die and get themselves a better life. The child’s life would be miserable regardless if they were there or not. They just need to ditch the little thing and go. With this they can get an education and learn about how condoms work.  Poor people cause poverty to be more of an issue when they have kids they can’t take care of.

Poor people are useless which is why most of them inhibit the country Malawi. How can they have so much poverty. Not only that but poor people tend to direspect our authority with the clothes they wear. They are usually having beards and crusty teeth, haven’t these people ever heard of hygiene. It’s just terrible, these people are just too indecent to stay within society.

I feel like we rich folks should settle in and have a purge where we kill everybody that’s homeless so we can live in a perfect society. It’s pretty justifiable that we gave them time to get their life together, but the problem still isn’t going away. Let’s kill all the homeless, and not just in America too.

First we purge all the poverty in Malawi, by pesticides. Of course, you don’t only have to purge them by only pesticides, you can end them quick with a bullet. There’s always the option of starving them, not like there would be any difference between that and now. We could also deprive them of the air since they’re diseases that will stop at nothing until we are all poor. We’re so close to our perfect society we can reach it. But, we can only achieve it if you pledge your allegiance to the rich and promise to never help the hopeless. Because, again what’s more perfect than a world or society without poor people.

-Patrick Nwaukoni

The Struggle In Malawi, Is Not Real

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