The Zika Virus and the Rise of Brazil


        Safe and sound, US Olympians fear over the so-called “zika” virus that has made a recent sensation in Brazil. But these self-absorbed Olympians do not recognize the potential of zika to bring about beneficial change to Brazil and much needed renovations to other countries. President Dilma Rousseff has to take advantage of this rare stroke of luck as a way to make money and alliances, and even to generate a healthy difference in the world.

       Dilma should first think about all the good that zika could bring. To begin, one must know what zika is. This is a virus in which the affected person gets a few symptoms like the flu. In pregnant women who are careless about covering their bloated stomachs, zika may cause unborn babies to develop microcephaly(Charner). This is a condition in which a baby’s heads is too small, leading it to not functioning or doing anything productive for society. But why keep these 4,000 babies alive when there are better solutions? Just like war is the weapon of destruction, zika and these babies should be the weapon of Brazil’s rise as a first world country.

       First, as zika is let spread, more attention will be brought to the Olympics. If President Dilma is smart, she will begin reassuring people that zika is only present in impoverished areas, and that everything is being done to control this simple problem. Dilma’s confidence will cause ticket sales to the 2016 Rio Olympics to rise dramatically, which means that more money will come in to fuel the country’s economy. Second, more money will lure politicians, good and bad, out of to deal with the situation. Maybe only then will President Dilma feel more supported in her choices, and then she will be able to stop being wrongly accused as corrupt. If Dilma turns out to be a snail in coming up with a strategy to use zika to her advantage, then a more intelligent man or woman should oust her from the presidency. The new president would have to be very smooth and charming opportunist in order to determine the future of zika. But if you are thinking about killing the mosquitoes, you must be really stupid. Relocating the virus from one slum to another will be a better solution and a generous one too. Set the virus on India, and within the first year, a population decrease would occur due to the refusal of couples to produce unproductive children. This would horrify the population of India, but imagine how much better the people would be from having slightly more food available for the average person. India might even back up Brazil if necessary. Just don’t spread zika to China, since we can’t afford to lose any of our laborers.

       The last and best effects from zika would be the income and health benefits from abortions. If abortions were silently funded, then there would be a growth of both illegal abortion specialists and infertile women. Infertile women won’t have to worry about having children with microcephaly, and only then scientists would properly study babies that were ill due to exposure to zika. Letting abortions be performed for science would bring innovations to the world, including a zika vaccine, and more food would be available for those that can contribute. If this vaccine were to be found, then Dilma would be hailed as the hero of the zika crisis, and Brazil would become the center for science. Just imagine the wonderful difference in the world that these abortions of leaching babies would make! 

       As a politician and investor, I see a huge dollar sign above Brazil. President Dilma, please use zika to your advantage while there is no cure present. Make a tie with India, generate money from the Olympics, and even rescue your political opponents from a deep darkness. Reconstruct Brazil out of an unfortunate situation because any obstacles to the country’s success must be removed.


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The Zika Virus and the Rise of Brazil

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