Time To Die

The Earth has a finite amount of resources available and at no point in history has the human population been so high. Humans are beginning to live longer and longer. Overpopulation is a global issue that upcoming generation may have to face if something is not done now. Time is inescapable. With every second that passes, we get closer to the inevitable. However, some of us are closer to the end than others. Nearly twelve percent of the world’s population is aged sixty or older. Of the millions of these elderly, only a fraction can properly take care of themselves. Most require special care and treatment in order to continue living. In the wild, lions are killed or exiled from the pride once they become too old. In fact, humans are some of the few species to take care of their aged. This practice, like many of the people on this planet, has become old, outdated, and should be eliminated.

The elderly should be euthanized at a certain point so they are no longer a strain on the following generations. This subject has been discussed many times throughout history, but a new option has presented itself to making this action viable. Instead of forcing the old to succumb to euthanasia, they should be given the option to compete for eternal glory. My proposal, create a competition similar to the Roman gladiator fights for those aged seventy or older.

The fights would be established by a country’s government. On the day of a person’s seventieth birthday, they would be collected by agents and brought to government built stadiums. Competitions would be held every four months, allowing contestants to train for their upcoming matches and allow the events to “cool down” and not become trite. Then, on assigned days throughout the year, the fights and tournaments begin. The old would be given amphetamines to enhance performance and promote “competitive” behavior. Synthetic Cathinones, or “bath salts”, could especially be used due to its history of dulling the senses and making the user more aggressive. Even then so, the more reluctant elderly would still be euthanized allowing only the most competitive individuals to remain alive. Even so, the elderly can not come to rely on this competition for extending their lives. If a challenger is able to survive a certain amount of matches, their career will be forcibly put to an end.

The old no longer serve any purpose in the world and should be honored that the end of their lives would provide entertainment to the youth. Spectators would congregate in order to view the spectacle of the fights. In addition, the old no longer need to fear fading away from the minds and memories of people if they compete well. Like all competitive events, fanbases will be created to support audience’s’ favorite contestants. As we can see in myths and lore, the best fighters will be remembered forever.

Also, the elderly gladiator fights would be economically beneficial as well. Governments would no longer need to provide social security to its older citizens as there are none. Elderly citizens will no longer drain the funds of the young working taxpayers. These gladiator fights also present an opportunity to create funds. Tickets solds to spectate these events, merchandise, advertisements, and other endorsements will create revenue that will go back into the government to support the people.

The general euthanization of the elderly will ensure that the population will remain at a constant. By culling the useless members of our society, the human population will become sustainable. These fights might receive backlash in the beginning of its establishment, but as time passes they will become more accepted. The practice of competing in the fights will become a cultural norm. Instead of expecting to retire in sunny Florida and sitting on a porch for the rest of their sorry lives, people now imagine themselves experiencing the honor of winning there first fight in the ring.

Time To Die

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