Your Life Is Always Better When It Goes Up In Smoke

Your Life Is Always Better When It Goes Up in Smoke


A Speech by Paul Loving-Blundsmohr of the East Bay chapter of the Friends of Mary Jane on his experience with marijuana and why you should smoke it.


“Good day…. Gooood day…. The sky during day isn’t supposed to be orange, but whatever. Weed is my life, man. I haven’t thought of my existence without it. It can bring you good times… that time i rode on an ambulance after i slammed into a divider mannnn… that was litttt. The sirens were flashing different colors and angels sang to me. One angel sat on my left arm…..back then I could….i mean when i could use my left arm. I haven’t used it before the crash, but its okay dude i use the right to take puffs now. Hehehe the clouds are the same color as my knee, sweet purple, man. Did you know that televisions are magical, i mean, they turn your body purple when they fall and make contact with you. The only problem is that they can only work once before they break into cute little pieces.. Aaah friends are beautiful, that is the kind that grows… i had a friend like you all once… a friend who used to smoke with me one day we were chillin’ out by the tracks my friend he stood on the tracks  i was so fucked up out of my forested mind i could hear a little yell and a loud horn that sounded like a turtle in space i turned around and he wasn’t there and a train was now there I haven’t seen him since then things go quickly just like good blunts do its weird how a man could simply be replaced by a train {cough cough cough} weed is good in the fact that its consistent it never goes away or demands anything years ago a girl used to live with me one morning i found a note saying that she was leaving because i didn’t notice her or spend time with her.. Honestly that’s incredibly selfish to demand so much it’s not like i could strike a match to her and feel heavenly fumes off her body seriously if i had known about grass i never would have came in contact with her a mistake i tried to get her to smoke with me she didn’t get into it honestly it made me more devoted to my sweet baby weed and i realized the time, the eight hours of the day when i had to go to work and talk to her…i think it’s a much better world now i am free from those burdens keeping me from fully committing to my one and only…honestly why did anything else get created besides people and pot i mean it’s like a match that’s perfect, a light with moths that devote to it… i think that those who don’t smoke have {cough} been wiped by the thing..ugggg….yeah it’s two worlds one for those that know pot’s joy and those who wink like wolverines… honestly i wonder where the weed is better on earth or in the land of clouds….  It’s a windy slippery donkey we live in ugh ooooooo I’m soaring i can touch pluto… oooooo {shakes} ugggh man sleep sleep what is that {cough cough} sleep like an empire of little boxes that swallow penguins with a rainbow eye…ugggh” {passes out}


10 minutes later…..

“Always listen to the words of Mother Mary her beautiful green cloak, don’t listen to the mother that forced you out of her womb into an uncool shiny world….always say yes to a joint…. I wouldn’t be sitting {cough cough} in the spinning throne of grapes that i lean on tonight if it wasn’t for cannabis…”



Your Life Is Always Better When It Goes Up In Smoke

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