A Worried Citizen

I am nothing more than a worried citizen who has noticed that crime in America has been slowly rising in recent years. Why is that? It’s been rising ever so slowly in major cities, places like Detroit, New Orleans, Oakland, Baltimore, and Atlanta. It’s not because of unemployment that’s for sure, or the fact that some people just like to sin, but because these cities all have one thing in common. They all have high populations of colored people in them, black and brown men, to be more accurate.

We all know how colored people are the root of crime and even perhaps all evil in the world. If they weren’t here I guarantee that we would see crime go down to almost zero percent.  It’s obvious that they are in fact criminals too, the way that they dress, in loose comfortable clothing, only a criminal would want to be comfortable right before committing a crime. Plus the old saying of “The darker the skin the darker the soul” is based off of the fact that they are low life savages will no morals or self worth. I can vouch for this saying because my grandfather had made it. They also parade around representing colors or streets instead of themselves or their people. Constantly fighting and killing one another for no morally good reason.

To make crime the lowest it has ever been I suggest we incarcerate every last one of them, the colored men, before they have a chance to continue to commit crime. We’d be saving a lot of time and hassle by doing so. Hell we’d be controlling the population by doing so too! Since they like to have sex without the protection. Actually better yet, instead of putting them in prison we should just kill them on the spot. They are most likely going to put on death row or given life in prison anyway, so might as well save all of that money and time.

After we kill all of the men we can take all the children and give them to white women, so that they can be raised the right way. Then maybe just maybe they will have a chance at a decent life, with some morals. But if that is too much work or no one wants to raise them we could always just kill them like their fathers or send them back to whatever country they look like they are from.

After dealing with the next generation we could just used the woman as punching bags or house cleaners as their men do. We all know colored men don’t love their women, they just use them because they don’t know what real love is. I almost feel sorry for those sorry savages. They will never know how good and warming real love his, but they do not deserve to know what it is.

Actually as I write this, I realize how stupid all of this sounds. What was I thinking, all of this is not possible. No white person in their right mind would want to watch and care for a colored baby, care enough to beat a colored women, or want to watch of the colored men in prison. All of that would cost way too much money, and frankly a huge waste of time. We should just kill them all, in one fell swoop. It would be easier, plus there’d be no one to miss them, because all of the people who would miss them would be dead too.

The easiest way to kill them would be to gather them all up, in camps. Kind of like the way Hitler did with the Jews in world war two. Then once we have gathered them all up we can then kill them. We could have them dig a giant hole in the ground and have them stand in it them bury them alive. Or we can burn them alive i the hole for a laugh, it’d be the least that they could do for us after bringing crime to our country, or actually bringing it to our world.

A Worried Citizen

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