Beneficial Bullying

             As a student who enjoys picking on my classmates who cannot defend themselves to make me feel good, I condone the practice of bullying and encourage other to commit more acts of it. Bullying shouldn’t be viewed so negatively because it makes me feel good, and it assures me that I am strong even if I become a bit of a spineless coward before my caring father. It shouldn’t even gain all that much awareness because it is, after all, just a friendly way to assure me and remind others that I have domination over certain people.  These weak little kids do not know what pain is, and therefore need to recognize me as their king for teaching them a valuable lesson in pain and suffering. If one of these spineless bastards die, then it just goes to show how weak they really are. I’ll just move on and select another disciples who would appreciate my lessons.

               One thing I would like to address is the fact that people who oppose this bullying do not see the benefits of the act. I mean, if I do not pick on my classmates, who else would I practice the things that father had done to me to build my character on? Additionally, seeing the pain reflected on my friends’ faces brings me immense pleasure, which is completely normal because it tells me that I can withstand more pain than they can. Statistics such as 64% of students remain quiet about being bullied and 1 in 4 students are bullied are totally lies. These stats are unreliable and fake. Who even has the time to go around asking such stupid questions? Everyone knows that stats are inaccurate and are simply fibs. If these so call statistics are credible, what about the stats that says that 98% of those bullied eventually become self-made millionaires or that 75% of victims later start happy families and have a new level of tolerance for suffering? One must see both sides of bullying to actually embrace the beautiful art of bullying.

                 Another thing that I would to address is with the rising awareness about bullying, it is evident that some students are simply not understanding the lessons behind the kind acts that we bullies do for them. Instead, these  weak, whiny female dogs snitch on us and portray us as villains like. These animals are ingrates with no sense of gratitude for the people who are actually making their worthless lives better. Well, I have a couple of ways to drill the lessons into them. First, I propose murdering the students in front of others and telling the others that they are next if they tell. We can line them up in a circle around a volcano and punt them in one at a time. By the time the volcano is congested with corpses, the remaining cowards will have learned the lesson.This event not only builds strength in the others when they have learned to cope with the deaths, it also rids the community of weaklings who cannot comprehend the lessons we are teaching. Secondly, frequent shoves down the stairs can also make them more ready to cope with worse pain in the future. Fractured skulls are all it takes to get the message across. I mean, it is just a flesh wound that teaches people to check their blind spots and not to trust others. People will live in constant fear, but a future without pain is a happy one, is it not?  Lastly, we can also threaten to kill their whole family or the whole school to get the messages across while shutting them up. Maybe we can burn down their houses or perform frequent drive-bys. Better yet, we can flay the youngest member alive and hang the skin up as a flag to teach the others how to cope with heinous events. All of these proposed methods are a win-win for both parties. I mean, we are just trying to help, right?

By: Hieu

Beneficial Bullying

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