Drowning in Drought is California’s Saving Grace


California is a diverse state that continuously exemplifies itself as a bastion of integrity, morals and most of all, a pinnacle of america’s agricultural production. California’s constant draining of their reservoirs and water resources have lead to an overconsumption of resources that were already rapidly disappearing. Even with the rainfall dissipating and less water melting from their snowcapped mountain ranges, they continued to funnel the water into their agricultural needs. This all culminated in a drought that has affected California since 2012. Politicians, Economists and Scientists, have all been continuously funneling their energy into finding solutions to the California water crisis for 3 years, but even with the relentless search for a solution California’s reserves have been left in a constant state of deterioration. California’s water supplies had reached an all time low.  Scientists propose processes like desalination of saltwater or major reduction of water usage to help save California from quite literally drying out.

But I have a better proposal, a simple solution albeit, but hear me out here, what if we simply just didn’t listen at all. The drought, contrary to popular belief, is actually a creator of new opportunities and pushes californians to adapt to their newly decaying, pardon, developing land. The Californian government has already attached a fee to overusing water, so as long as you can pay, you can have all the water you need. With this in mind the youth of California has something to aspire to, wealth will now not only help you buy material possessions but also the resources like water, that we as humans desperately need to survive. Water parks may be a thing of the past, but they can be replaced by sand parks, it’s like water parks only without the refreshingness and double the pain and danger. With water as a scarce resource California now has an excuse to interact with other states, as they begin to receive more and more, California can finally relax as they shed their independence and slip into a state of comatose reliance on the water resources of the surrounding states. With a vast majority of food production screeching to a halt, obesity is a worry of the past, with California’s newfound scarcity of food.  This wondrous future can be ours for the low price of continuing our practices of using more water than we really need. We now have an excuse to make lazy teenagers finally flush the goddamn toilet in the form of water usage. In a depressing turn of events the recent heavy rain patterns have begun to fill California’s reservoirs and may even lead to the prevention California’s new dehydration paradise. Luckily for the californians that truly care about the future of their land, there’s still a chance to achieve the utopia that they crave. The lands are still damaged from the lack of water and the reservoir’s are overall still less than 50% full. If we continue our wasteful behavior with water we can easily still reach our goal of a drought driven California.

If we can rally together, united under this idea of a better future, paradise is still a possibility. Lending your hand to the cause is simple and easy, all you need to do is waste water. Now you may be thinking “But I don’t have the time, patience or self control to waste water” well that’s not true it all, in fact it’s so easy you can help in the simplest of ways. You can leave the water running, flush the toilet repeatedly, drown an animal and refill the tub for each animal or even just extend your showering time to last longer than 15 minutes. Even the smallest changes in your lifestyle in regards to water usage will waste more than you could possibly imagine. Many concerned Californians ask themselves “ Is it really worth it to actively drown California in a drought” but very few evaluate the situation completely, to realize that the drought is God’s gift to californian kind.  

Drowning in Drought is California’s Saving Grace

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