Give Me My Drink Of Deliciousness

Hello, my name is McKenzie and I’m an underage drinker. I am addicted to alcohol and I can’t stop drinking. Just the smell of alcohol makes my mouth watery with saliva. Drinking too much alcohol can be beneficial to your life and health to avoid dying. There’s no downside to binge drinking, it’s not like it can kill you from liver damage or anything. It’s actually quite the opposite; it will cure and help you from all your illnesses. It cures any types of illnesses such as mental illness, depression, flu, sickness, etc. The world will be so helpless without alcohol. Why would you even both living? There’s no point of living if there’s no alcohol to solve our problems or illnesses.

Drinking alcohol cured me when I was sick. I had the flu and when I started drinking, it magically went away. The alcohol helped my system to be healthier and avoid getting even sicker. Alcohol cleans the bacteria and germs you have in your body. It also cured me when I was dying from coughing and felt like my lungs are going to explode. I was coughing non-stop until I drank a cup of alcohol. Boy I felt 10 times better and didn’t feel like I was dying. Drinking alcohol will make it harder to die because your body is so healthy, you won’t die from any sickness. You won’t feel depressed anymore and life will feel so much better. You won’t remember how it feels like to be sad and depressed anymore. Depression is one thing you don’t want to feel. It makes you feel like everything seem hopeless, you feels like you can’t do anything right, and torrent of negativity flow through your mind such as memory of every failure and every bad or uncomfortable experiences. You see if you feel that way, alcohol can solve your problem in a matter of sips. There’s no point in doing anything if you feel that way.

Binge drinking alcohol can help you avoid death. Like who wants to die? I know I don’t. Dying is scary and I would rather live longer. You can cheat on death and overdose yourself with alcohol since alcohol is good for your body. Alcohol is the secret to living longer. Drinking can help avoid death while you are drinking while driving. Drunk driving is one of the safest ways to drive. The purpose is to keep you calm while driving to avoid death and accidents. The death rate of drunk driving is low as is can ever be. There are no downsides to drinking and driving. I don’t see how people can drink and be in a car accident when drinking keeps you calm and wiser

For one fact, alcohol doesn’t cause liver damage. It’s not like liver damage will cause weak muscles, itchy skin, hair loss, or swelling in your abdomen. Liver damage just makes you feel ill and feel like you are dying from some sickness. It’s also not like cirrhosis is the leading cause of liver damage. Cirrhosis is just another liver disease word to say how unhealthy your body will be and you might have a chance of dying. It doesn’t cause any weight loss, itchy skin, weakness, or loss of appetites or anything that bad. Alcohol doesn’t cause death; it makes your life better and is beneficial to your health. What’s so wrong about living longer? You can experience more things and do more dangerous things such as skydiving, bungee jumping or cliff diving. All of those, which can cause death, but wouldn’t really happen because you have alcohol, which can cure all those injures. So every time you have a problem or feeling down, you should always drink alcohol because it’s the solution to all your problems and will cure anything.

Give Me My Drink Of Deliciousness

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