Guns Don’t Kill People

I solemnly believe that every American should own a gun of some kind. My 3 year old daughter owns a carbine 50 cal, my bootiful wife owns a Tommy gun that them there gangster in the 1920’s owneded, and I got me 12 different firearms. I clean them by looking down the barrel and pullin the trigger to see if there is anything stuck. That is why I has 5 tooths missin and part of my cranium is cracked. Ownin guns in a nessecity, we gots the right to bear arms and bare arms. When the government wanted to take my guns I went and shot up a planned parenthood clinic to show how upset I was. I got my right to own a damned gun. Now if the government don’t let me keep one then I will go to my favorite movie theater and shoot the crowd. No matter how many times that you lock me away, I will always come back and kill more innocent civilians to express my anger. I know, I’ll buy guns then go to the school my friend works at and shoot him dead. Then I’ll shoot all the lil chitlins so that I show that we who own guns have the ultimate choice in life or death.


We the Americans who use our right to self defense love to “defend” ourselves from black people, asians, dirty mexicans, and even those damnded homo-sexuals. One day I will show my true rights and give guns to all so that they may defend themselves and go on killing sprees. My right to own guns lets me do what I wish and kill who I want. If a dirty mexican gives me a look, I will blow his stinkin’ face off with a 12 gauge. I will shoot up a school if I want to, and I will feel no remorse. Even though there are people who are missin’ a few brainy cells they should still be allowed to own guns and shoot them if they so want.  
Guns don’t kill people, bullets kill people. If anythin the government should take our bullets not our guns. My guns are perfectly ok and don’t hurt anyone. If I were to put my gun on the table and tell it to kill, it wouldn’t. I reserve my right to own a gun and I will fight for it till the day that I die of a gunshot wound.

Guns Don’t Kill People

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