How Warming will save the World


Everyone has heard of global warming and all of the negative sides of global warming and climate change, but has anybody ever stopped to think of how positive it could be?  Global warming is caused by all of the gases being put in the air, primarily from fossil fuels, which are one of the biggest and best industries within this country.  People hear about using fossil fuels and get all scared, like it is the end of the world, and though that may  be true they do not see the true potential that there is in global warming and climate change.  

Global warming may sound scary, but does anyone realize how much money can be made from it.  Once the world heats up people will be making money like crazy; mostly people like me, billionaires and CEOs, but nonetheless.  People will be buying and using more electricity from power plants to power their air conditioners and refrigerators at home.  Guess what those power plants run on, that’s right OIL!  It is a self serving system that can only grow bigger.  Also with all of the other pollutants being put in the air the hole in the Ozone will get bigger.  People will need to protect themselves from the radiation that will pour in through the hole, to avoid getting cancer, and this will be great for the sunscreen market.  Also with the rise in cancers like skin and especially lung cancer, with all of the new gases in the air, the medical industry will prosper as well.  This could also help the mortician business, with an increase in the amounts of funerals that need to be planned.  With all the new funerals and people being buried and put into the ground, their bodies will decompose and eventually turn into oil that we can once again use.  It is the circle of life; you are born and buy fossil fuel, you die from those fossil fuels, and then your body decays until you turn into those fossil fuels.

As the world heats up the ice on the polar ice caps will melt, which will increase water levels all around the world.  Increasing water levels will drive coasts farther inland and then that creates new beachfront property.  So, what if a few million people lose their homes, in the process.  It was their fault for living so close to the water and not having the money to move.  The more the coast comes inland, the more houses become beach front property and can be sold for more.  That means that Orlando will become the new Miami, and who doesn’t want Disney World to become a beach resort.   With the rising temperatures places like Alaska will be like the Bahamas, except instead of palm trees, there will be oil drills in the ground.   Once the world heats up it instead of going to Mexico or Hawaii, you can go to Russia, or Quebec.  

The rise of the ocean and the raising temperature in the atmosphere will also wipe out all of those annoying animals you do not really like or care about.  We as humans are entering new age of mass extinction on earth.  That means that a large portion of animals and plants in the world will go extinct.  Humans are the dominant species in the world and a mass extinction will show that.  We will adapt to the new world, while other things will die.  All species that die are not strong enough to survive and do not deserve to.  The same can be said about people.  If a person cannot afford to get treatment for a disease caused by the radiation coming through the atmosphere or cannot afford to move away from the flooding that is washing away their houses, then they deserve to die or be homeless.  If they were smart, they would have invested in oil, but if not it is their own fault


How Warming will save the World

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