It’s Good to Be A Bully

Roger Garden, yeah, that’s my name. I am 14, in the eighth grade, and have two older brothers. I have the worst life out of everyone in my class. My parents got divorced when I was seven, my best friend died when I was ten, and I am abused at home. My two brothers also pretend I don’t exist and my parents are also alcoholics. When I go over to my mom’s or dad’s they will yell at me for being a mistake and not being the perfect child they wanted. My grandma had to raise me when I was younger because my parents and brothers were never around to watch me. I like to take out all my anger on my friends at school because I have no one to talk too. I never feel bad for hurting people in my class, because I don’t have any emotions.

I’m the most popular kid in my class and have the most power over everyone. I control all these little bitches and they know to never mess with me. I make sure to beat up my victims after school in a secret place so I will never get in trouble. My favorite person to mess around with is Isabella. I hate Isabella because she cheated on me after we dated for over a year, but no one knows that. Everyday I can’t wait to see that annoying hoe Isabella. I tend to trap her in a corner, steal her lunch, and make her cry until she bleeds from her eyes. Isabella is one of the ugliest ducklings I have ever seen in my life. She
thinks that she is the prettiest girl in the class, but really she is an ugly bastard. I hate Isabella and her stupid boyfriend too.

Isabella’s boyfriend, Griffin, is the most annoying person I have ever met. I love to mess with Griffin the worse because he looks like a bird. I love to beat up Griffin everyday, sometimes ‘til his face is completely bruised, or he can’t even speak. Once in awhile I’ll make him bleed from his ears. Griffen would always try to fight back, but I would just slam his head against a locker and leave him there unconscious. Happily, one day I beat up Griffin so bad that he went home crying and shot himself in the head (his parents should have hidden the gun).

For poor Isabella, I decided to make her life a complete hell after Griffin’s suicide. I would call Isabella names such as: fake bitch, piggy, and skank whore. Isabella would cry everyday which made me happy because I knew she was hurting and I could never forgive her.IMG_0088

I harassed and punched Isabella so hard one day that she couldn’t deal with my bullying anymore. Isabella didn’t show up to school the next couple of days, which was fine with me because I hated seeing that hoe anyway. I found out that Isabella was very depressed and committed suicide by hanging herself. Finally!

After a lifetime of bullying, I decided to see a therapist to help me stop. My therapist told me, ‘to see the bright side of things’ and I thought about it, but thought fuck that it never works. I decided to get a Masters in bullying and pursue a career. As for my job, I go around to different high schools and colleges and bullying people until they never wanna see the light again. I even wrote a book which taught kids that physical bullying is the best and happiest choice in life. I am very proud of my life work and all the people I got to commit suicide. They weren’t going to make it in the world anyway so why not force them to leave earlier than later. The way I see it I’m helping the world by weeding out the weak.

It’s Good to Be A Bully

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