It’s Not A Big Deal, We See It On Social Media All The Time!

What goes through the minds of those who believe they have “mental illnesses”? How can you think you have such a problem when it is all just a figure of imagination? There are so many ways to get rid of these issues, like stop thinking about them– the most simplest of them all. Anxiety? Just stop worrying. Depression? Just be happy. It is so crazy how these people think they have real problems. Thankfully, social media has helped show that mental illnesses are not a big deal or something to worry about. With aesthetically pleasing and socially acceptable presentations on social media sites such as Tumblr and Instagram, the world can see that people only believe they have an illness to be trendy.

A famous Instagram user known as @ilovemymentalillness is a true role model when it comes to showing that mental illnesses are beautiful and the least bit scary. She posts so many pictures of her anxiety, where she is either crying hysterically during a panic attack or freaking out by being around too many people at social gatherings. But by putting  pretty filters on them and quotes pertaining to the situation as a dramatic way to deal with life, the pictures get so many likes! How much more adorable can you be when you’re a beautiful girl with something wrong with your head? Her eating disorders pictures and edits are the best however. The way she uses PhotoShop in order to make herself look overweight in the mirror while actually being super skinny in real life definitely shows the advancement in technology.  How she captions these photos are also perfect, especially when she calls them extreme diets to help her attain a Barbie figure. Her comments sections are usually extremely chaotic with so many supporters of her choices who applaud her for downplaying such silly ideas of illnesses. With over 1 million followers her pictures gain so much notoriety all over social media that allows her to become even more famous and show social media users that mental illnesses are great things to be proud of.

Tumblr is an even better source of media that shows how little mental illnesses should affect people. There are so many great photos created by popular and aesthetically pleasing users that everyone should learn from. The best ones are definitely those that relate to depression, even though depression is the silliest mental illness of all. It’s not hard to just be happy! Capturing an extremely sad teen crying in their bedroom late at night is a common picture representing depression. But to go above and beyond with it, a lot of users add on quotes pertaining to how life will get easier as long as you believe you will be happy. Photos like these should make everyone so glad that they believe everything they see online and should be an inspiration to everyone who feel like their lives are taken over by mental illnesses. Hopefully by seeing how popular these types of pictures are, those who think they have a mental illness will realize that they are worrying over nothing and that they can get rid of it whenever they want to.

Without social media, I bet that everyone would believe that mental illnesses actually take a toll on people. At least we have some smart people in the world who believe everything they read and see online. So many pictures can present illnesses in such a beautiful way that makes it seem so trendy to have! For those who don’t believe everything they see online, they probably believe that mental illnesses actually exist. I even bet that those people think they have some as well. Such unnecessary actions are taken towards illnesses especially since everyone is as normal as they want to be! Hopefully one day we will get rid of these silly ideas that they are real with the help of great social media users who embrace them.

It’s Not A Big Deal, We See It On Social Media All The Time!

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