Rape Isn’t That Bad, Just Ask Ke$ha!

Dear Feminists,

Sexual assault? No big deal. Trust me, I’ve been there. The fact that there are celebrities such as Amber Rose who openly support movements like feminism, racial equality, and most importantly, anti-rape causes, absolutely, undeniably disgusts me. She created this thing called the Slut Walk, like, what is the Slut Walk even supposed to be about anyway? Apparently it’s a movement of protests and rallies full of people who advocate for an end of rape culture. Let’s be real, as long as women dress provocatively, rape will never end! It’s called a Slut Walk for God’s sake, as long as women keep referring to themselves as sluts, then so will everyone else! Women act like they are dressing for themselves. Don’t they know that a woman’s only true purpose is to fulfill a man’s life? Cat-calling women, body shaming and body policing people should be normalized as soon as possible to keep all these protests from happening, no questions asked. I mean, I was even raped, and the whole experience in itself wasn’t as bad as people make it seem!

Rape, especially in the music industry is SO exaggerated. The truth is, I technically asked for it. The way I portray myself on the media was technically a huge banner that says, RAPE ME! Dr. Luke decided to drug me to the point where I was unconscious. After I knocked out, he took me to his room, took advantage of my body, and I woke up the next morning with a pounding migraine. I had no clothes on and no memory of what happened the night before whatsoever. Since my body was aching and I was completely naked, I put two and two together and thought: Oh! He probably raped me, it’s all good. It’s my fault anyway. He didn’t hear a no physically come out of my mouth, so that gave him every right to rape me, right? As long as you do not hear a no, then that completely counts as consent, right? Actually, even if there was no given consent in the situation, he was still basically allowed to violate my “not-so-personal” space (since my space is also his), since, like I said earlier, a woman’s only true purpose is to fulfill a man! Let’s be real though, I am a woman working with a man who is 13 years older than me, what did I expect?

To be honest, maybe I should have known better. I should have known that 80% of all rape receivers are under the age of 30, so I had a pretty high chance of getting raped. Plus, ⅘ of assaults are committed by someone known by the receiver, so most definitely I could have guessed that Dr. Luke was going to do that to me anyway. Not to mention, I have been portrayed as a slut and as a provocative female on the media, so of course that automatically gave Dr. Luke the right to treat me the way he did. Maybe next time instead of getting raped, I should just say no. That is how it works right? Like, how do people get raped? Just say no. If people do not want to be raped, then they should just keep their legs closed. It’s not like rape is by force or anything.

Submissively yours,

Ke$ha Rose Sebert

Rape Isn’t That Bad, Just Ask Ke$ha!

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