San Francisco Becomes Bloody Battleground

San Francisco is a cocktail of different cultures and districts. San Francisco is making itself into a battling ground amongst the multiple different districts that formed a feuds with against each other. The old San Francisco was known for being a unified land where anyone could go and be accepted. Citizens started segregating themselves from each other and all of it went south. The districts have become allies with one another to fight against their common enemies.

San Francisco has 2 main sides fighting against each other, the Iches and the Oors. Both have lived amongst each other for several decades, but are sick of being forced to live with eachother. The Iches is made up of North shore, Nob mound, Soviet Hill, Atlantic Heights, the Marinates, Finna Nancials, and Nosey Valley districts. They do not have as many people in them as the Oors, but they have much more advancements with technology. They are fighting the Oors in attempt to take over the entire city and make it not smell as bad. The Oors is made up of the Hate/Assberry, the Naked Gay Guys (NGG), China Village, the Ribeye, the Sunrise, No Visitors Valley, and the Fil-Less districts. Theses districts make up the poorer population of San Francisco. They are 90 percent of the population, but are barely able to fight back. The hatred between the two sects started when a man named Francis Fernando was stabbed in the neck by a Ribeye district resident. This small fiscal led to the formation of the Oors and Iches, that declared war on each other.

On the Iches sides; the North Shore district is known for having a mixture of old and young people that are willing to do anything to hang the hoodlums from the Fil-Less district. Nob Mound contains a lot of young people that decapitate homosexuals from the NGG district. Soviet Hill is full of retired 40 year olds that like to use their Mercedes Benz tanks to shoot residents of the No Visitors Valley distric. Atlantic Heights has a lot of elders who have trained dogs to kill their China Village neighbors. The Marinates are a bunch of young rich white people that enjoy strip clubs and taco tuesday where they prepare a homeless man from the Ribeye district to eat. The Finna Nancial district is comprised of people who only wear black and assassinate residents of the Sunrise district. The Nosey Valley district is made up of Mom’s training their newborns how to use a gun so that when they grow up they can murder all the druggies in the Hate/Assbery district.

On the Oors side; the Hate/Assberry district holds all the drug addicts that sell baby food laced with deadly Acid that they sell to the newborns of the Nosey Valley district. The Naked Gay Guys district consists of naked gay guys that cut off the penises of Nob Mound residents. China village is full of four foot tall asians that can not speak english and scream at their bananas on the bus. China Villagers like to raid the Atlantic Heights district by murdering residents and taking their bananas and bus passes. The Ribeye district is where all the homeless people preside. People from the Ribeye district attack the Marinates with old heroin needles that give them tetanus and kill them within 45 hours. The Sunrise is where all the old asians live. They take the N Judah Muni Metro to kill Finna Nancial district’s residents with sword canes and deadly pepper spray. No Visitors Valley is where all the hardcore gangsters are from that perform many break ins and homicides in Soviet Hill district. The Fil-Less district is made up of hoodlums that pop caps into their enemies in the North Shore district.

The ruthlessness from both the Oors and the Iches side is terrible and will not be stopped until someone wins the war.

San Francisco Becomes Bloody Battleground

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