Sweating in these shops


I don’t understand why the human race thinks of sweatshops as a bad thing, for real people go to many different forms of sweatshops on the daily, for example 24 Hour Fitness. When I go to work in the morning I get there about 4 o’clock and the harsh day begins. The second I walk in the door with my neighbor and her son our boss says we will not get more than a ten minute lunch break, this put some ear to ear smiles on our faces because it meant that we could really start sweating and burn off the whole one hundred calories we consumed yesterday at dinner.

Sweatshops around the country are being shut down for many reasons that do not justify anything. Why would anyone shut them down when they are mass producing importants products like clothing, bricks, fireworks and other goods. There are so many things that make sweatshops a better choice for people. First off there make goods more affordable for the consumer because of where they were made. Who wants to buy a high priced item anyway. People ar not treated terribly they are obviously being treated well enough to survive, and that is the main thing. Cheap labor is what our country was founded upon, and that is the only way we are here today. If it wasn’t for our founding fathers hiring laborers then we would not be so technologically advanced today. When we first settled in America there were many hardships and conflicts about how we would be able to start a country. We overcame these hardships because people started thinking out of the box, and out of the country. We resorted to taking cheap laborers from other countries to work in the America’s and build our nation. Without them there would most likely not be a single colonized state in the US. Sweatshops are bringing back what we based our country off of. Many people thought that slavery was wrong and I somewhat agree that it is valid, but we as sweatshop employee’s actually get paid. In no way shape or form do people have the right to say that we are being treated badly. Especially to the extent of shutting down the entire sweatshop system. If every sweatshop in the world shut down, so many of the middle class consumers would fall into poverty as well because they would no longer be able to afford the goods that were made by people in the legal factories. This would devastate our country and we would fall into an economic slump. It would have a domino effect. The economy would fall, stock market would once again crash, people would be on the streets with no food, the crime rates would skyrocket etc.

I don’t think that people truly think through their decisions if they got rid of all the Sweatshops. I as a worker say that although they may seem rough in some aspects, think about what would happen if we didn’t have them all together. We have seen our country and other countries in their highs and in their lows for example when the stock market crashed, and the potato famine, the holocaust. These are only a few of the many examples of why we should not end the Sweatshops. People should be encouraged to buy from sweatshops as opposed to frown upon the quality products we produce. These products contain our blood sweat and tears in them. Isn’t that what our country is all about. Hard work, and how it pays off if you persist at it. So why is everyone coming after the manufacturers who run the shops? They are staying loyal to the nation and what it stand for. They are pleasing the customers with the low prices, and they are boosting the economy by making money from trading overseas. Don’t stop these Shops help them thrive. Live true to what our country started out as.

Sweating in these shops

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