Technology: Do we control it or does it control us?

Technology has been taking over our lives through the past generations. It has no affect on us human beings. With all this new gadgets, we will be able to create a whole new world with no worries. Literally. We can be living in a world with drones doing our chores, work, and everything that we have to take care of in our busy lives. We can sit down in one place and relax like we’ve always wanted to do. We are less wired than ever. Technology is creating good habits, improving social skills, improving our health, and more.

Technology has made our lives more difficult when the Wi-Fi goes out. When we are meeting new people, we’re more comfortable to talk to them face to face. We tend to have many topics to talk about. We can go to the library and use resources to find the information that we need instead of looking it up. We can send letters to our friends address if we want to see how they are doing. We can walk along the shore at the beach and watch the sunset. There are so many things that we can do without the Internet itself. We can learn to live in the moment instead of living with that tiny little screen.

A day with gadgets would make life so much easier. I bet on the first day without our gadgets, it’s going to be difficult because we have that urge to look at our phones. When this day comes, everyone with any electronic device would have a tantrum because we would die to get our devices back. The world would end without technology. Technology is creating many different bad habits but one of the worst is that we are no longer using our brains. The human race is not becoming extremely lazy; we barely have to lift a finger to complete a task. We rely on computers for all of the answers instead of putting in the work.

One of the greatest stories out there is about a Korean couple letting their three-month-old child die of starvation while playing a video game called Anima. Anima is a pixilated little Tinkerbelle with big Keane- painting eyes. In one of the father’s strange plot points, the baby, which grows and bonds with the player’s avatar, can sacrifice itself for you. You could watch the virtual character die on-screen, her big eyes crying blood, until she reappears as a butterfly and says, “If you earn enough experience points, you can revive me!” This video game has gotten the parents obsessed with their virtual child because the minute you leave the video game idle even for a few minutes, the virtual child would die.

In this generation, you see younger kids, about 12-14 years old, are exposed to the extremely high level of technology! Back in my day, we had flip phones and it was a struggle to text a friend with the multi letter keypad. With new inventions being created, so much has changed. We see younger kids taking selfies with the selfie stick at the beach instead of flying a kite along the shore. They are so addicted and it has affected how we interact with others. For example, two girls named Lindsey and Kendall are two young teens who are obsessed with their phones. They will be on it twenty four seven. They text their friends late at night instead of finishing their homework for school the next day, they watch videos on YouTube while eating on the kitchen table, whenever there is an emergency, they would save all of their devices. If this keeps up, what kind of future would we have? It would end up like a wasteland and it can harm our health if we don’t take care of the earth. It’s mainly our fault because we didn’t care much about what’s really important.

Technology: Do we control it or does it control us?

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