Television Rules the Nation

I do not have as much motivation as you think when I plant my butt firmly on your living room couch. I do not tend to listen to anything but the words that come out of that metal box that you have purchased for our family on Christmas 3 years ago, so do not get mad at your 6th-grade son when you say that the volume is way too loud on this machine. But not only do I have the power to change what show I want to watch, or what channel I want to be on, I also have the power to hit the On Demand button on my remote, and out pops a list of all the latest viewings you would never let me watch. Heck, you won’t even see the money coming out of your pocket the next couple of weeks, or months depending on your attention span. So I’m praying to god that you worry more about your family life problems while your 6th-grade son again sits here and become addicted to this machine is known as Television.

You will take notice that this habit of watching Television will start to become more dangerous to my family and my health in various ways. You will take note that every day I get home from school to watch TV, this throbbing headache of mine starts to get worse and worse for me. Not only that but as you look at my grades and constantly begin shouting at me like I’m supposed to listen to you. I have lost my motivation in schoolwork, and almost everything but Television. Now instead of focusing what events are going to pop up, I’m more focused about not watching another Simpsons rerun. I won’t keep in mind that it will get worse and worse every day since I barely step outside anymore; watching about 71 hours of television a week. I don’t realize that I’m slowly reducing the amount of time I have left to live, and I’m literally killing myself by sitting on my own ass. Very soon the very spot that you see that I sit on will begin to spring roots underneath the earth, making sure that whatever wind comes by, you will always remain seated.

6 months after you surrender, you realize that I do nothing but TV every day after school, and you are beginning to understand what it is like to feel isolated from the people you care about. It has never crossed your mind that those days that I have spent most of my time watching that TV in the living room, I was being constantly exposed to negative behavior that is way too mature for kids my age. Influenced by these adult TV shows, you begin to become suspicious of me when I use adult language behind your backs, and you haven’t had the slightest clue on where I’m getting this from. Take this as a lesson when you don’t watch your 7th-grade son whose fist-fights in schools turn into knives, then into expulsion. You had no problem hitting the roof at that time, and you wonder why I did that as I sat in the police car with my handcuffs on. You cry with your husband and my siblings, sinking into a great depression.

The day you see me enter that hall for bad teens after that failed trial, you motion to set a better example for your family as you shove that TV into the living room balcony. Heh, funny; try influencing the other 7 billion people on the planet to do the same, because that is how murder, assault, and rape affect the minds of this world. Television can’t make you do it, but it can influence you too. Do me a favor: Go explain this story to my brother, and title it “Television Rules the Nation.” He’d kill to hear the end of it.

Television Rules the Nation

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