The Beauty Pageant Life

Hi! My name is Holly Smith, but people call me Sugar Kiss. I may be six, but I have the body of a twenty-year-old woman. I’m the sexiest beauty pageant woman, and I know it, because the judges tell me so. They love it when I hit the stage and do my “Booty Pop” twirk dance. My pole-dancing instructor says I’m a natural. I practice at the studio everyday from six in the morning to twelve in the afternoon. Mother keeps me in check. Whenever I complain she just yells and slaps me straight again. “Just do what your told and be pretty,” or “No pain, no gain”, is something she always says. Of course she’s right. I don’t want to end up like Emma Johnson. She was once proudly known as Midnight Kitty because of her flexible body that men craved during her nighttime jobs. Her red and pink hearts tattooed in the corner of her eyes were her trademarks. Judges loved her! She inspired my mother to put me on the ‘scarf and barf’ diet in order to maintain a perfect skinny body. But now Emma is worthless.

I didn’t hear the whole story on what happened, but apparently she was tricked into wearing a plain dress that covered her body, with no make up and wig. Emma stopped going to her daily plastic surgery appointments because she “wants to accept herself for who she is?” (I know, she’s so gone in the head) Worst of all, she spoke her mind at one of her pageants, “I am an eight year old girl and I want to dress like one” she said. As you can imagine, she immediately lost everything and everyone. I too lost my respect for her.

I heard one of those ugly little fat girls, who go to school, forced her way into Emma’s home one night and brainwashed her into believing that her body wasn’t all that mattered. She lost her values on who she should be in order to gain the acceptance and approval of others. And when the mental damage was done, the ugly girl left. I never heard of Midnight Kitty again. One time I thought I saw what looked like a bald girl with a large overgrown coat begging for money and makeup on the streets. I could have sworn she had tattooed red and pink hearts in the corner of her eyes.

I think one of the pageant girls wanted her gone and paid the fatty to do what she did to Emma. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least. We all want to win and be crowned the most beautiful. To be honest, I’m overjoyed Midnight Kitty is out of the way. It makes being the prettiest a lot easier for me!

The Beauty Pageant Life

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