The Useless Runts of America vs The Efficient Machines

Who needs people anymore? We have intelligent, multitasking robots that can do everything 100 times better than any human could. The increase of joblessness in North America is beneficial for those lazy citizens, so we can see witness families starve, be kicked out of there houses and catch diseases, and die. Who cares if their family dies, it’s an advantage to our over population and homeless dilemma. Robots don’t need food, don’t have to pay them, don’t have to need days off, and if they break down, they are quickly and easily replaceable. If we ask ourselves why technology, high-developed tools and machines were created, what would be your answer? I would argue to get rid of the futile, lethargic humans that waste the oxygen needed for the relevant businessmen. The only ones we need are those extremely sophisticated engineers, mechanics, businessmen/ CEO’s, and any other creator’s of these magnificent machines that will surely fix the work industry. Other than that, humans don’t have any use on this planet, so like I said, why does it matter if they die? They are as useless as ants.

You think I’m joking about humans being as useless as ants?

Ants have no strength at all. Humans aren’t any different. Machines are like hulk. They can be ginormous or as small as an ant, but it will always be significantly stronger than that teensy weak ant. This is an ant vs. Hulk scenario where hulk will always be the overpowering matter will always be successful. Also, the precision of robots and machines superior than humans because they tend to be more stiff and still when doing work        than human hands.

Not to mention, humans are so querulous and whiney. Humans are just overgrown babies, since they complain as much as them. Robots will get their jobs done, no complains guaranteed. You have enough stress and responsibly, so lets just cut out the irrelevant people out of the picture and run them out of the world. If they try to refuse ending their insignificant life, good thing we have machines to do our dirty work for us that will mash them into a pile of blood and guts onto the floor and leave the spot sparkly clean as if nothing ever happened. Speaking of dirty work, the stuff humans don’t want to do or are too dangerous for them to accomplish could finally be done without worrying about the safety or complaints from the human.

You know why else humans are horrible and rotten? Humans will betray your word and have the ability to somehow ruin you until you are nothing. They will try to take your powerful position from you because humans are very untrustworthy. They also carry emotions that will corrupt your business. How so? When humans get angry, lasers will launch from their eyes. They will explode with rage, and your business will physically go down. When they cry, they take away your productive time just so they have your focus. Humans are selfish and always try to take away your power and success. Is that enough evidence that humans are destructive to the success of our work industries?

Robots will always get their jobs done, no complains guaranteed.  I know you have a lot of responsibilities and work that needs to be done, so getting rid of these runts that prevent our work industry from being progressive and agile. So if I needed to invest my money on something productive and worthwhile, I’d spend it on buying a machine. If I were an executive boss, I would not waste anymore time and for the benefit of my company, replace every unnecessary worker with a robot or machine. Getting rid of these disgusting, waste of space is crucial. Robots and machines is the answer to the fixing the joblessness increase in America.

The Useless Runts of America vs The Efficient Machines

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