This Addiction is Okay

Rather than parents giving their kids a tablet to play games when they need to be occupied, they hand their children books and puzzles to solve to increase their IQ. School have also changed for the best, instead of people using paper and pencil in english classes especially, we use strictly computers; who needs to know how to write and read cursive handwriting anymore? It isn’t like the computer is one of the biggest distraction ever invented. We don’t miss out on anything when we are focused on a device rather than what goes on around us. If you’re able to get hit by a car while walking across the street and you’re on your phone; you’re a great multitasker. It’s better to be addicted to your phone than other things that are bad for your health right.When you’re constantly reaching down to your pocket when you don’t have your phone but you thought you felt a vibration, is just you being aware don’t worry about it, it’s not like your body is telling you you’re in need.

When it comes down to it we won’t even have to be apart of the actual world, we have virtual worlds. Virtual worlds where we can have a fake wife or husband, and have fake kids that we don’t actually have to worry about. Parents with kids will just set there kids free, (which us kids always ask for) it’ll make us mature at a very young age; even as young as three months. Parents are going to enjoy virtual kids more then they do there own kids but that’s fine because it makes kids grow up faster if we do not die.

Don’t worry about using technology to escape from the real world, it’s significantly harder than it seems… To get a better sense of reality the internet is the place, if you want to become this social media rock star, and a complete loser in real life but nobody cares about being a known figure in real life anyways. You don’t even have to be your true self on social media, you can use pictures of others and start online relationships; being on catfish doesn’t sound too bad actually.

It’s not like technology is bad for you socially, mentally and physically. It’s not like technology has any benefits right now. Being aware of the lack of use of technology will soon make you realize technology can use a little a help, maybe more advertising to get it out there a little more. Isolation is key and without technology we can not isolate ourselves from the everyday world.Being isolated because living shorter lives, which is great  nobody likes living older than sixty years old. Who would need social skills anymore, when you can text your boss when you need something, face-to-face talk is very necessary, you can see how somebody feels with emojis you don’t need to be with them.

When people use technology not only do we isolate ourselves for the better but we become more observant of others and start cyberbullying more.Cyberbullying is better than bullying in person if you’re going to bully, cyberbullying is the way to go because you can delete whatever you put on the internet at any time you want, and it’s gone forever right?

Because of phones,we can now record everything that happens, from the meaningful moments, to the embarrassing moments. What’s the best to record though are fights. Instead of actually helping by trying to stop the fight or getting someone else to help,we can record because just incase anyone ask if were there and did we record we can show them all.We can even put it on the internet for everyone to see, which is the best part because people love to see fights on social media and you may get a bunch of “retweets” and become the boy/ girls known for the fight video all over the world.

This Addiction is Okay

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