This Just In about White People

Dear White People, we here to entertain all y’all, and we here to make sure you live a successful life, we here to make sure your day is going as planned, to make sure you are happy and not down all the time. You know we wake up every morning feeling better about who we are because we love being below you as humans in this world. Seeing you walk across the street as soon as you catch our eye just makes us feel like the most loved people in the world. We love being the type of people to make you flinch at our very existence; that’s our only goal. Seeing people miserable and treating him/herself poorly is the best thing in the world for you because you think us as servants, slaves, people who steal things, who jump people, not intelligent enough to be in this society. Mhmm… yup I know you are thinking about us coloured people, you love it when we around you. You want us to be alive, you want to see be tortured, see us in complete agony. We love slavery, It was the best thing that has ever happened to us. It was just amazing having to clean your feet, your pools, your floors, etc.

Did you know we love when you guys yell at us for being the best drivers in the world. Thank you it means so much when we hear that! It is such a compliment to know you guys love us. Also, we know our food smells delicious and you just want to gobble it up, yum! Being a terrorists in this country, is amazing, I love it. Working on the farm is the best job to have, if you don’t work on the farm you should work on the farm. It is the best place to be at. We love being compared to asians and getting compliment on our eyes. Having people call us names such as wetbacks, losers, or saying we are “illegal” is the best thing to hear. Because that is just proving how low you are, thinking you are such higher standards when in reality you’re not. I love going out to the world and getting stared at for wearing my jabs. It’s great getting Trumps attention towards us and him wanting us out. Being accused of the 9/11 attack, that just makes my day every day because i never stop hearing it! And having a stereotype of being murders, well that is a blessing because then no one comes near us.

I hope you have fun being a racist person. If you aren’t racist then you just don’t belong here, you will not be accepted in this country. Man you don’t know what you are missing out on. You must think you got the best of the best huh? You will never stop being rude and racist until that person has killed themselves or began to have the same views as you. And don’t forget the annual torture festival where every minority in the country gets a piece of the action . Our wonderful president decides on the torture of his choice to be done on these group of people. How do you enjoy watching people die? It can’t provide entertainment, it is better than cable, you get see the agony that they are getting from their tortured death, I guess that is something you look forward to on a daily basis.  Do you really care if they are upset? No, no you don’t because seeing other people suffer is what makes you happy. The only people you guys don’t care about are yourselfs, you are not perfect so you might as well get that thought out of your head and look at reality and see how much you are causing in the world.

-The one person you don’t care about

This Just In about White People

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