United in Holy Matrimony?

Marriage is one of life’s biggest milestones; it requires a bond built on love and commitment for couples till their time of death. But for the last decades we see marriages collapse and die off. Why is this? Well, for every man and woman there are expectations each must follow according to their sexual orientation. Without this establishment, we wouldn’t be able to tell each gender apart. So I ask you, if each gender is not the same, should they be treated the same? No! Gender roles should be strictly divided in a relationship so that each person knows his/her place and role in society. Divorce rates would go down and everything will run smoothly. However, we must remember that no matter what, gender will always affect how a marriage works. Feminist movements are sure to be the end of all gender as we know it, as well as happy marriage.

In the 1950s, this system was proven to be extremely effective, not only for society, but marriage as well. I believe that since men are physically more powerful and stronger than women that they should have the financial responsibility and authority in the household. If one person makes more money than the other, they should have better advantages than the other The husband should always make the key decisions. Father always knows best. Wives should be excluded from paying jobs, they need to be fit enough to produce babies and take care of her husband.  Skills such as cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children is all woman’s territory and should stay that way. Having a man do a woman’s job is unseen and unjust. If young boys saw this, they would surely acquire a weak self-esteem and allow other people to treat him like a “girl.” The same goes for innocent little girls, who need not worry about a proper education, for it is their destiny to be married to birth lots of children. There would also be the risk of the women gaining more independence and could even become as successful as their husband, even more, which could corrupt society. A good marriage works based on how each person’s role contributes to that relationship. It doesn’t seem fair that they both have equal power.

With couples today, there should still be a higher, dominant sex in marriage, despite a slight switch in their roles. Now it seems inevitable to ensure this stays the same for all marriages. Since the wife gave birth to the baby, she should automatically have legal custody of it, despite her mental stability. Children should always go to their mother during a divorce. Women always changed, fed, and cared for the children in the past, men did not. Why should we expect the husbands to do the same today? Wives should not be ashamed to have less confident in her husband in babysitting the children. With their superior physical strength and loud voice, husbands could use this to their advantage and intimidate or scare the child, a risk we shouldn’t risk. After all, domestic abuse is always known as the husband abusing the wife. It’s obviously the man’s fault when we see couples fighting in the street. He probably cheated on his wife and now she’s giving him a piece of her mind. It’s simple. If the wife is seen with bruises, she is clearly being abused by her husband. If the husband is bruised, he probably deserved it. Women have suffered much more than men, and are the victims in every case. It is not possible for a wife to have the capability to abuse her husband, that just does not happen!

By having different roles for each gender, expectations are clear and simple. Giving one figure more power than the other, power is established and the rules are laid down. Even though it is not the 50s era anymore, gender limitations must be considered in any marriage. People won’t have to work hard to please others because they are always doing their job, and marriages will be more satisfying. It doesn’t matter which gender it is, as long as one has more power than the other. Gender roles always impacting how employment and household and childcare responsibilities are shared within marriage. How will we influence future generations if we show men and women can achieve the same things? It is an unconscious bias to say that there is sexism in a couple’s marriage and it needs to be changed. One gender should always be more equal than the other. Equality should never be considered in marriage since men and women are both inherently different from one another. Right?



United in Holy Matrimony?

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