Animal Abuse

You get a pet to love and care for it, so violence is the way to show love because you want to make your animal tough, make your animal a protector, and raise your animal how you were raised. Animals can be your best friend or your worst enemy, so why not make your animal your best friend and everyone else’s enemy.

A very good way to show your animal love is to make them tough. You show them that they don’t need to care about anyone other than you. You train them to kill for you and guard you in every way possible. You have them defend you. Your animal is supposed to be your guardian, the one who looks out for you and keeps you safe. Tough love is the best kind of love. When you walk your animal you want the other pedestrians to walk on the other side of the sidewalk. You really want them to be scared of your animal so they will not  hurt you or even come near you.

Instead of looking out for yourself, your animal should be the one to do that. You want them to smell fear in other people when they walk by so they will stay away from you and nothing will happen to you. You want no one to hurt you, so your animal is responsible for making sure that doesn’t happen. Animals are protectors more than friends. As long as your animal is nice you then that’s all that matters, you don’t need anyone else to like your animal. Not everyone will like you so why should everyone like your animal? Your animal is  here for people to fear them so that you will remain safe and protected. Your animal should make other animals scared also. Just as human can harm you, animals can too. Everyone and everything should fear your animal.

Last but not least, you want to train your animal the way your parents raised and trained you. Your parents raised you to be tough and stand up for yourself, so that is exactly how your animal should be. There is no need to be nice to others because at the end of the day all you have left is yourself. You do not need friends, you need to make your animal your number one best friend and everyone else’s worst enemy. All that matters is you, isn’t that how your parents raised you? To only think of yourself? So then why not have your animal only think about you, because you’re the only one that should  matter to your animal, everyone else should be an enemy. Your animal should put you first, it should not be the other way around. Your animal should be able to take care of itself and you at the same time. We as human should be dependent on our animals to care for us and love us and be enemies with everyone else.

In conclusion your animal is your number one protector. You should not need to care for yourself or defend yourself. Training your animal to be tough, be a protector and to be your best friend and everyone else’s enemy is like having your own personal bodyguard. Training your animal like this will give you free protection and you will never have to defend yourself. Why would you defend yourself when you have something that can do it for you? The answer is that you don’t need to defend yourself. You will barely ever have to lift a finger again.  Your animal will be your best friend and everyone else’s worst enemy.

Animal Abuse

Best Ways To Get Out of Poverty

Throughout the years, poverty has gone up in America. More and more people are becoming poor when they are younger. 15.5 million people under 18 were in poverty as of 2014. Although this does not mean that senior citizens haven’t been in poverty too. A poll was run in 2014 and 4.6 million seniors 65 and older were in poverty. All together in America, we had over 46.7 million people in poverty. Luckily I have some solutions for these people in poverty. Since poverty in the US has risen, we need to let the people in poverty deal with their own problems by asking for money, selling and using drugs, and drinking away their problems. Some people doubt these methods but I assure you these methods have proven to be quite effective.

One of the best ways for people in poverty to get money is by begging on the streets. This allows the people to get a sense of creativity when making their signs asking for money. Another perk to going out in public and asking for money is having yourself gain confidence by doing something self-demeaning and embarrassing. Another great reason to beg for money, if the last two weren’t good enough for you, is when begging you get to be outside getting fresh air. While you are asking for money people passing by might ask you how you got to the place that you are. This would be a good time to tell the people and maybe while you are telling the story you might figure out what you have been doing wrong and fix your mistakes.  People might find a hidden talent that you might have. You could sing or play an instrument if you have one, and that will give you more practice and even some relaxing time.

My second method I recommend is selling and using drugs. I know what you are thinking how is this a good way to get money but this is a very popular alternative than getting a real job and it keeps you on your toes because you never know who you are selling to next. A lot of teens get into doing drugs to get away from it all. The most commonly used drug in the US is Marijuana. It is very easy to come by and not as hard core as other drugs so more people are willing to use it. Marijuana is a fun alternative to just sitting at home and doing nothing. It allows your brain to entertain itself with the simplest things. Selling drugs like Marijuana can rake in a lot of money in a short amount of time, so if you are in need of some quick money that would be more realistic than getting a real job.

Last but not least is my third method which is drinking away your problems. This method is used all the time and I think most of the people that resort to this method have given it positive feedback. Getting drunk gives you the opportunity to forget all of your problems and pretend like they aren’t even there. If you are a drunk people might not judge you as much because they don’t expect anything of you. They will see you and assume that you aren’t good at anything. By lowering their standards the people probably won’t stare as much. Some people might think you are mentally insane but you just have to remind yourself that you are one of a kind.

If you are in poverty remember that there are millions of people just like you dealing with the same problems. There is always a way to fix your problems you just need the motivation and means to get back on your feet. If you try my methods and they are successful please tell people that are in your same situation because everyone deserves a second chance.


Best Ways To Get Out of Poverty