It’s the Little Things that Count

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Look everyone knows about our new president Donald Trump, if you don’t really know about him than probably either you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or you’ve just heard about him on your local newscast with huge updates on his Presidential schedule such as going to the bathroom and taking a dump. Americans have been divided on their perspective of Mr. Trump, either he’s a good person who will change the U.S. for the better  or he’s just a flat-out business tycoon who has no actual “business” in the Presidential company. There’s a lot of reasons people hate Donald Trump whether it’s just looking at those smallish hands of his which makes a person squeal with anxiety our world leader having those or just his face which may look like Jackie Chan squinting really hard but just on a regular basis. Oh don’t get people started on his hand gestures, oh boy, those hand gestures, every time he does that it looks like he’s signaling part the illuminati or some secret group. People even get mad whenever he says “Make America great again”, every time I hear that on the news with a bunch of liberals in a press conference with the President, the rage, the anger, the confusion on their faces, It’s just hysterical the way they think about who our current President is right now. Sometimes after Mr. Trump gives  a speech, you can hear a faint little echo of a liberal crying on a lonely mountain for Obama to come back but sorry buddy it’s not happening anytime soon. 

It’s the Little Things that Count

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