Catholic Blessings Gotta Go


Today at school, we had liturgy to celebrate a holiday because we are a Catholic school. It seemed all normal because we are just celebrating the Eucharist and Jesus Christ right? Everything during mass was all fine until it was time to give a blessing. Everyone simultaneously extended their arms and hands outward towards the priest. I was so shook when I saw what happened. Everyone was doing the Nazi salute! The Basilica instantly turned into the Reichstag. LIKE WOAH! Everybody needs to chill out! I thought to myself, “Is this even a Catholic school? What have I gotten myself into?” No one even realized what they were doing. They saluted to the priest subconsciously. All of the students and teachers all acted like mindless zombies. Come on. Does no one actually see what the blessing kinda resembles? I couldn’t fathom the idea of everyone showing praise to the priest as if he is Hitler. But there I am, looking like a fish out of water. After the mass, I asked my friends what happened in the Basilica but all of the responses I get are “What are you even talking about?” Maybe it’s all in my mind but still, all of these blessings gotta go. Or at least change up the position when you give a blessing. God, please tell me that you are seeing this. Send us some sort of sign. Anything. Oh well, don’t want to be late to APUSH since we’re learning about WWII.

Catholic Blessings Gotta Go

5 thoughts on “Catholic Blessings Gotta Go

  1. eduardo1211 says:

    Super funny. It was just funny realizing that something we do so often without thinking can be interpreted in such a different way.


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